ATX12VO Adapter Cable

$19.99 USD


SKU CP-8920272
ATX12VO Adapter Cable

$19.99 USD

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Use the CORSAIR ATX12VO Adapter Cable to expand your CORSAIR modular power supply’s compatibility for use with 12V-only motherboards. Convert a CORSAIR 18+10-pin connector to a 10-pin ATX12VO, with an in-line circuit for guaranteed ATX12VO motherboard compatibility.

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Adapt any CORSAIR® Type 4 fully modular PSU to work with a 12V-Only motherboard with this cable.

- 660mm long
- 18+10pin (PSU side) to 10pm (Motherboard side) adapter
- Black wires, sleeved in black sleeving and heat-shrink.