Obsidian Series™ 700D Full-Tower Case

Obsidian Series™ 700D Full-Tower Case

$249.99 USD

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The Obsidian Series™ 700D is based on the same design and feature set as the 800D, but removes the hot-swap drive bays and windowed side panel.

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Designed for Years of Performance.

The Obsidian Series 700D is built to last through years of motherboard, power, memory, cooling, and component upgrades.

The steel structure has a matte black coating both inside out and is finished with a brushed aluminum faceplate for a professional look that's both serious and awe-inspiring.

Three Isolated Cooling Zones

The power supply compartment, main compartment and the SATA bays each have dedicated cooling subsystems to prevent heat buildup.

A dust-filtered 140mm fan draws in cold air at the bottom of the case and exhausts it at the rear and top. This clever design forces fresh air directly over the graphics card and CPU. The hard drive / SSD bays are cooled by a separate 140mm fan which vents from the case via a sealed chamber and prevents the heat generated by the drives from entering the main compartment. The power supply compartment has its own dedicated intake and exhaust, also isolated from the main compartment.

Need even more cooling performance? The Obsidian Series 700D has pre-drilled support for top-mounted single, dual, and triple radiators, or up to three additional 120mm fans.

Advanced Features for Extreme Flexibility

Six drive bays with clever snap-in trays accommodate both 3.5" and 2.5" drives with no adapter necessary. A unique cable routing system virtually eliminates cable clutter that can impede airflow. The tool-free design allows for easy entry, easy access, and quick installation of 5.25" drives.

Features include

  • Six HDD / SSD drive bays compatible with both 3.5" and 2.5" drives
  • Removable CPU backplate panel for easy heatsink installation
  • Isolated cooling zones prevent heat buildup
  • Unique cable routing holes guarantee a clean and clutter-free installation
  • Three 140mm fans included, with the ability to add four more 120mm fans
  • Tool-free optical drive installation makes building a system faster than ever
  • Two year warranty with Corsair's world-class customer service and technical support

About The Obsidian Family

The Obsidian Series 800D and 700D full-tower cases share the same case dimensions, rock-solid construction, isolated cooling zones, and lots of other features that make them truly great cases for builders. Choose the Obsidian Series 800D if you'd like hot-swap SATA drive bays and the clear side panel strikes your fancy; if you don't need the hot-swap feature and you like the look of the solid side panel, the Obsidian Series 700D is for you.

Case Dimensions
609mm x 229mm x 609mm
Maximum GPU Length
Maximum PSU Length
Maximum CPU Cooler Height
Expansion Slots
Case Drive Bays
(x5) 5.25in (x6) Combo 3.5in/2.5in
Form Factor
Case Warranty
2 Year
Corsair Link Enabled
Case Material
Aluminum, Steel
Compatible Corsair Liquid Coolers
H55, H60, H75, H80i, H90, H100i, H105
Case Power Supply
ATX (not included)
Drive Bays 3.5"
Drive Bays 2.5"

By Maximum PC

Posted on   June 26, 2010

MaximumPC awards 700D with the "Kick-Ass" Award

The 700D is a hell of a chassis, succeeding where the 800D does, at a lower price.

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By TechReport

Posted on   July 27, 2010

Corsair Obsidian 700D wins Gold at Hardware Heaven

Fantastic build quality mixed with great flexibility and ease of use means Corsair have another class leading product on their hands in the form of the Obsidian 700D.

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By iTrends

Posted on   May 14, 2010

The Obsidian Series 700D Hexus Recommended

The good is bountiful, including cavernous interior; the best cable-management system we've seen; well-thought-out cooling zones; cutout for through-the-motherboard heatsinks and decent airflow. Perhaps most importantly of all, it's an absolute doddle to build into, and it's practically impossible to have an ugly-looking installation.

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