AX1500i Digital ATX Power Supply — 1500 Watt Fully-Modular PSU

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AX1500i Digital ATX Power Supply — 1500 Watt Fully-Modular PSU

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1500 Watts of continuous power, an incredible 94% efficiency rating, and CORSAIR iCUE desktop monitoring control make the incredible AX1500i the best enthusiast PC power supply you can own.

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The best enthusiast PC power supply you can own.

AX1500i defines the state of the art for enthusiast-grade PC power supplies. It provides 1500 Watts of continuous, digitally-controlled power on 15 Amp circuits of 115V or higher, and 80 PLUS certification with an incredible 94% efficiency rating.

Zero RPM Fan mode ensures silent operation at low and medium loads, and the fully modular, low profile cable set makes for easy installation and great-looking builds. CORSAIR iCUE integration lets you monitor power usage and efficiency and customize performance, directly from your Windows desktop. The AX1500i lets you have it all, and it’s the power supply you want for your ultra-high performance PC.

Provides 1500 Watts of reliable, continuous power for high-performance PCs

If you’re building ultra high-end performance systems or pushing world overclocking records, you know it when even 1200 Watts just isn’t enough. The AX1500i reliably delivers 1500 Watts of continuous – not peak – power on demand. And, you don’t need any special household wiring to make it happen… you’ll get 1500 Watts of clean, stable power on 15 Amp circuits of 115V or higher.

Digitally controlled power

The AX1500i is designed around a DSP for increased efficiency, tighter voltage regulation, and superior electrical specifications. The elegant, DSP-based design reduces internal component count and allows for better control of electrical ripple and noise.

80 PLUS Titanium specification for ultra high efficiency

The AX1500i, simply put, approaches near-perfect efficiency like no other desktop PC power supply has ever done. Amazing efficiency has so many benefits – not only does it lower your operating costs, but it generates less heat, too. And that means that there’s less cooling required, which lowers noise.

Zero RPM Fan Mode for silent operation at low and medium loads

In fact, most of the time, no active cooling is required. The fan simply doesn’t spin. And when you’re pushing it hard, the thermally controlled fan adjusts its speed to match demand. The custom-designed fan is extra large, with a diameter of 140mm for low noise even at full load, and it uses a fluid dynamic bearing for quiet, reliable operation.

CORSAIR iCUE desktop monitoring and control

Connect the AX1500i to a motherboard USB header with the included cable, and you can use CORSAIR iCUE to monitor power input, power output, efficiency, and internal temperature in real time. You can customize fan speed response, and set up your AX1500i to operate as a single-rail power supply, or with multiple virtual rails with customizable OCP points.

Fully modular, low-profile cables

AX1500i is fully modular, which means that there are no permanently attached cables. This greatly simplifies installation and allows you to use only the cables you need, for a neater, cleaner build. This can also improve performance: fewer extraneous cables in your system can reduce airflow obstruction.

Intelligent Control. Unlimited Possibilities.

CORSAIR iCUE provides in-depth PSU voltage and performance monitoring, as well as stunning system-wide RGB lighting synchronization.


Adjustable Single/Multi 12V Rail
ATX Connector
ATX12V Version
Continuous output rated temperature C
Continuous power W
1500 Watts
Fan bearing technology
Fluid Dynamic Bearing
Fan size mm
MTBF hours
100,000 hours
Multi-GPU ready
10 Years
80 PLUS Efficiency
PSU Form Factor
iCUE Compatibility
Zero RPM Mode
EPS12V Connector
Floppy Connector
PCIe Connector
SATA Connector
Special Technology
OVP (Over Voltage) | UVP (Under Voltage) | SCP (Short Circuit) | OTP (Over Temp) | OPP (Over Power)

The power cord for the AX1500i looks different than other PSU power cords I have seen. Why is this?

The AX1500i uses a C19 power cord, which is typically only found in higher wattage PSUs and server units. Compared to the typically used C14 power cord, the C19 supports higher current.

What is the second port under the USB connector for on my AX1500i?

The second port is a separate Corsair Link Digital connector for connecting to a Corsair Link hub unit (Commander, Commander Mini, or H80i/H1100i units). This gives you the option of connecting directly from USB or through the Corsair Link Digital connection. You can only use one at a time. There is a specific cable shipped with your AXi unit that will plug into the Corsair Link Digital connector on the previously mentioned units. This allows for connection using only one internal USB motherboard header instead of two for the different products.

Which cable kit works for the AX1500i?

The AX1500i uses the same cables as all of the other AXi Series power supply units.

What does the flashing light mean next to the USB connection on my AX1500i unit?

All the red/green LED is showing is that there’s USB communication. If the light goes solid red that means it lost communication with the motherboard. The fact that its alternating green/red actually means it’s working properly.

How does the self-test function work?

The self-test will only function if there are no cables installed. If modular cables are installed, the self-test will not function. The user will hear a click sound from within the PSU and the fan will spin. This, in conjunction with a green LED, means that the PSU is functioning properly.

By Pro-Clockers

Posted on   April 30, 2014

The first perfect 10 for a PSU at JonnyGuru!

Nothing currently on the market touches this unit. Nothing. Seven years, hundreds of reviews... I was starting to think nobody would ever send me a unit good enough. People, THIS is what it takes to get a perfect total score from me. Might be the last time you see it, too

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Posted on   April 30, 2014

To say we were impressed is an understatement � the Corsair AX1500i Digital has proven itself to be an outstanding power supply

The AX1500i is the first PSU we have tested that meets the new 80 Plus Titanium certification standards for high efficiency and it did it while operating at real-world, elevated temperatures. The AX1500i features a Digital Signal Processor (DSP) to provide digitally controlled power. This results in very tight voltage regulation � the best we have seen to date. Having a DSP onboard also contributes to high efficiency, low AC ripple/noise, and reliability (reduced component count).

Full Review!


Posted on   April 30, 2014

The AX1500i is the power supply of choice for those who demand nothing less than perfection

The AX1500i is a direct evolution of AX1200i in almost every way. The performance that we see for a 1500W unit is as close to perfect as we've ever seen, and it is that way across the board. It's harder, better, faster, stronger. It is the AX1500i, and it is going the power supply of choice for those who demand nothing less than perfection.

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AX1500i power supply
Modular cable pack
Accessory bag with mounting hardware, cable ties, and case badge
Corsair Link Digital interface cable
Corsair Link USB cable
AC power cord