What's New in BULLDOG 2.0?

By Alan Cao, on February 15, 2017

Recently, at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES), we announced an update to our BULLDOG Barebones PC Kit for 2017! Curious to know what's different in BULLDOG 2.0? Here’s a quick overview!

BULLDOG is designed to fit right in with other living room electronics  

What’s different on the outside?
Not much, the external chassis has been left largely the same compared to last year’s model. The one exception being the bottom of the chassis, in which we added a magnetic dust cover and filter.   

The bottom of the BULLDOG remains relatively  unchanged. 

It’s what’s inside that counts!
BULLDOG 2.0 has 3 major changes over the 2016 model. We've updated BULLDOG with a new custom MSI Z270I BULLDOG mini-ITX motherboard with full support for Intel 7th Gen Core Series processors.   

BULLDOG 2.0 features a new custom Z270 mini-ITX motherboard from MSI.

The CPU cooler in the BULLDOG has been changed to a more traditional design and mounting method. The new H6SF is a low noise 92mm miniature version of one of our Hydro Series coolers built just for BULLDOG. With this new design, users are no longer restricted to using low profile memory modules and can opt for higher performance DRAM such as our Dominator Platinum series if desired. The cooler is mounted right next to the motherboard and acts as an exhaust in its default configuration.

The H6SF all in one liquid cooler keeps BULLDOG 2.0 from breaking a sweat.

The H6SF included in BULLDOG 2.0 makes building a BULLDOG even easier!

We also updated the chassis fans from 3-pin DC voltage-controlled to 4-pin PWM fans. These fans use the same magnetic levitation bearings as our ML Pro series and are intended to be directly connected to the BULLDOG's motherboard.

BULLDOG 2.0 utilizes the same SF600 SFX power supply and features custom length cables to make cable routing easier!

BULLDOG is powered by our SF600 SFX power supply.

Graphics card support remains the same as the previous BULLDOG, with support for our liquid cooled HYDRO GFX 1080 as well as most air-cooled cards (we recommend using a card with a blower-style cooler if you plan to use an air-cooled solution).

A fully built BULLDOG 1.0 and BULLDOG 2.0


BULLDOG (2016)

BULLDOG 2.0 (2017)




CPU Cooler



Power Supply




92mm DC (3-pin)

92mm Mag Lev PWM (4-pin)

Fan Control

3-Pin DC Fan Hub

4-Pin direct to motherboard




BULLDOG 2.0 is available now and can be order through our webstore.