Crystal Series 570X PSU Shroud Cover Installation

By Chris Stolze, on July 27, 2017

The Crystal Series 570X RGB tempered glass chassis launched last year to much critical acclaim for its open design that puts everything in your build within view. We’re introducing a new PSU shroud cover plate that allows you to hide away the cables coming from your power supply!


Unboxing the shroud cover, you'll find the shroud cover plate, and some screws.  

Installation of the shroud cover is simple.

1. Remove the tempered glass side panel so you can access the internals of the chassis, we also recommend that you remove your graphics card

2. Ensure that there aren’t any large cables or other items blocking the opening of the 570X RGB’s PSU shroud

3. Hold the shroud cover in place inside of the PSU shroud, lining the top screw holes on the shroud and shroud cover

4. Secure the shroud cover with the included screws

5. Adjust angle of the shroud cover as necessary for a clean look

And that’s it! You can also take off both side glass panels to make it a bit easier to install to line things up just right. The shroud cover is available now and allows you to cap off the PSU shroud if that’s the look you’re going for in your build.