Laine's Titan - A custom K63 keyboard

By Johan Nyman, on December 6, 2017

We see a lot of modded PC’s with custom parts being made every day, but how often do you see someone modding a keyboard? Today we are going to follow the modder Laine and how he built a custom case for our Corsair K63 keyboard from scratch!


I started off by removing the original K63 housing and trimming the PCB by removing the top row media keys and function LEDs, since they were either not needed or will be remapped to the FN key.

Next step is to make concept renderings to try out the design before making it a reality. Modelled in Autodesk Inventor and rendered in Luxion Keyshot.



Time to make this thing happen! One large piece of 2 mm aluminium and a few sketching tools.


A simplified technical drawing is used as a guide to outline the main body.



Checking the measurements by mirroring the original housing, since the cutouts will need to be the same size.


First the cutouts are made with a jigsaw, then trimmed to size with a metal file.


Test fitting the metal plate with the necessary keycaps in place to check for clearance.



With the help of a sheet metal brake the ends are bent to a 70° angle on both the top and bottom.


Another test fit, the trimmed down PCB helps to make this new housing quite a bit smaller than the original for the K63.



Next step is making the sides. To make this thing built like a tank, the sides are made out of 5 mm aluminium.



Initial cuts made to the metal, leaving plenty of room for more precise adjustments to the shape of the main body.


With the help of a file and a rotary sanding tool, the metal is easily shaped and excess material removed. Repeat on both sides.


And that’s the metalworking phase done for this project. Here is the raw aluminium mounted together.

An earlier keyboard mod called Aeronaut pictured above Titan in the testing.



Finishing the mod by painting the new aluminium housing in a silver metallic paint.

Thank you Laine for sharing this amazing build with us, stay tuned to our blog for more projects like this!