Take Control of Your Case Lighting with the LIGHTING NODE PRO

By Chris Stolze, on April 7, 2017

The new LIGHTING NODE PRO is our latest RGB lighting controller which lets you easily setup and sync advanced lighting across your CORSAIR RGB components.


To make installation as simple as possible, we made the LIGHTING NODE PRO as small as possible, allowing you to tuck the controller away nearly anywhere in your chassis.

The LIGHTING NODE PRO features a single mini-USB port to communicate with CORSAIR LINK on your PC, two separate channels for RGB LED strips or RGB fan hubs, and a single SATA power plug. The LIGHTING NODE PRO also features onboard memory so that lighting effects can be stored directly on the device and run without CORSAIR LINK (such as while you're in BIOS).

Setting up the LIGHTING NODE PRO is quick and easy. Plug the USB cable into an available header on your motherboard and start up CORSAIR LINK on your system. You’ll see a tile for the LIGHTING NODE PRO. Click on the Configure button to get started.

LIGHTING NODE PRO features two channels that can be individually controlled, allowing you to have your LED strips on one channel and your RGB fans on the other channel. You can define what device is on each channel with the dropdown menu just to the right of the channel number (you can choose from RGB LED strips, HD RGB fans, or SP RGB fans).


Note for Users with SP RGB Fans:

The LIGHTING NODE PRO requires a firmware update to enable SP RGB fan compatibility. You can check for a new firmware version by going to Options -> Devices and click "Check for Updates". If there's a firmware update available for the LIGHTING NODE PRO, it will be installed at this time.


To add devices to a channel, simply click the ‘+’ button on the channel until you have the desired number of devices on that channel. On the right hand side you’ll notice brightness controls, and at the bottom of the window, you’ll notice the lighting mode configuration panel.

The LIGHTING NODE PRO has a total of 6 different lighting modes: Rainbow, Color Shift, Color Pulse, Color Wave, Static, and Temperature. With the different lighting modes available, you can do some pretty cool stuff, such as have the HD RGB fans on your radiator change color depending on the temperature of your processor and the other fans in your system change color depending on the temperature of your drives or graphics card all while your LED strips display a constant rainbow effect.

Once you're done tweaking a particular lighting mode, you can copy that mode to other devices connected to the LIGHTING NODE PRO by checking the box next to the individual devices you want in the group or by checking the box next to "Devices" to apply the lighting mode to everything connected to the LIGHTING NODE PRO. You can also set the lighting mode to be active only for specific performance profiles or for all performance profiles in this window.

The LIGHTING NODE PRO and CORSAIR LINK allow you to sync all of your CORSAIR RGB components not just for aesthetics (while that is a pretty big plus), but to also enhance your system with powerful features such as temperature monitoring as well!