Corsair STRAFE Gaming Keyboard

By James Cao, on July 14, 2015

The Corsair Gaming STRAFE is the newest addition to our line-up of keyboard peripherals. After 20 years of pushing the limits of innovation, Corsair Gaming takes the power of Cherry MX German engineering one step further. With the simple goal of delivering pro-proven mechanical performance paired with outrageous customization options, STRAFE will enable your skills to reach their full potential. Brilliant backlighting is enhanced with virtually unlimited dynamic lighting configurations – craft your own, or choose from six unique presets. Gold contact Cherry MX mechanical keys deliver the ultimate competitive advantage. Rated for an industry-leading 50 million key presses, they guarantee a lifetime of consistent comfortable response.



  • 100% Cherry MX Switches

Cherry MX Red and Cherry MX Brown will be available for STRAFE to accommodate all the different user preferences.

  • Dynamic Backlighting

Every key switch on STRAFE has brilliant and independent red backlighting for unlimited customization with CUE. Configure different shades of red as well as solid, wave, gradient, and ripple animations across different groups of keys.


  • Fully Programmable Keys

Re-assign or remap any key on the keyboard with an action such as macros, text, timer, or even mouse buttons and etc. through CUE.


  • USB Pass-Through

STRAFE includes a strategically placed USB pass-through for uninterruptible gaming with your other peripherals.


  • FPS and MOBA Keycap Sets

Textured and contoured Cherry MX compatible grey keycaps segregate the most important gaming keys for an enhanced feel to maximize grip.


  • Gaming Grade Circuitry

Full 100% Anti Ghosting with 104-Key Rollover ensures every input registers precisely and accurately.

  • Easy Access Multimedia Controls

Control volume and other media player keys on the fly with a simple key press combination.


CUE Integration:

CUE customization will also be available with functionality similar to that of the RGB Keyboard. This means that you'll be able to customize the red back-lighting on the keyboard in Solid, Gradient, Ripple, and Wave patterns in addition to configuring each individual backlight per switch. When you first install CUE, you'll be able to select pre-set lighting patterns such as newly implemented Visor (a wave of red light that goes from edge to edge on  the keyboard) and Rain (a trickle of red lighting similar to the "Matrix" effect). Advance users will be able to customize their own complex lighting schemes with single key or groups of keys animation.


In addition to lighting, STRAFE will also be capable of powerful key actions such as macros, individual key remaps, key-press combinations, and a unique feature to CUE that allows a timed action to occur that combines lighting, an action, and sound playback to occur all at the same time!

For example, in this window, we have configured a Timer Action for a typical MMO raid boss that will spawn an Area of Effect (AOE) damage across the map every 20 seconds. With a single key press, the user can set an exact countdown of 20 seconds to start. Once 20 seconds has elapsed, there will be an audio cue (played by the MP3 selected) to remind the user of the action that will trigger. The keyboard will play an animation (in this case, a red wave across the keyboard) as a visual indicator while a text macro is simultaneously played to type out "Get out of the Fire!" in-game. This occurs all at the same time without having to do multiple inputs for the same effect. This is just one of the many examples CUE offers to provide a competitive advantage to gaming. Users can setup any number of actions to work together like this with STRAFE and can expand it to any type of game whether it is a MMO, RTS, FPS, or MOBA.


We're very excited about STRAFE being added to the line-up. STRAFE exists to complement our line-up of peripherals and co-exists as a keyboard that maintains the simplicity of single color backlighting while still utilizing CUE. Users will find STRAFE to be a keyboard that will assist in all tasks, whether it is for gaming, the office, or both.  If you're from the mindset of RGB lighting isn't important but still need and want a full feature gaming keyboard, this is the product for you. 


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