Spec-Edge: A Mirror's Edge PC

By Johan Nyman, on September 30, 2016

I wanted to make a build with a Mirror’s Edge theme and what case would fit better than our white and red Spec-Alpha case? It got the right colors and also has a bit aggressive look to it.

But I also needed matching hardware. For the motherboard I chose Gigabyte’s Z170X Gaming 7 which have a white and red theme as well. I also got some white-red-grey sleeving from Modguru to use with our RM650i power-supply.

The CPU I chose was Intel’s i5 6600K and to cool that I went for our H100i v2, to get the cooler to fit better with the build I painted it white and used our red side shields. I made a guide about how I painted it here if you want to take a look.


The graphics card I got was a GeForce GTX 980 from Zotac, it did also not fit the overall theme because it was grey and orang, so something had to be done to it.

I took the GPU-cooler apart and painted both the cooler shield, backplate and the fans white and red with the same technique as I painted the H100i v2.

Now all the hardware worked better together. But all this does not really get you straight into thinking Mirror’s Edge right? So I wanted to do something special with the case.


I contacted a friend of mine, DMFinearts, who is very talented with airbrushing. I came up with a design for the case and he made a really awesome job with the custom paint.

It does look cool right?

Next up was to start installing all the hardware into the case. I used our new ML120 Pro LED fans, I mixed up white and red LED ones which makes a cool effect, I also used our Commander Mini and the LED strips to light up the inside even more.

I wanted to hide the cables to make the build look more clean so I made a small cover-plate in aluminium.

The Corsair Neutron XTi fits good installed to the cover-plate right? Another cool piece of hardware I use in this build are our new Vengeance LED ram.

This is how all the hardware looks together inside the case, I think it all fits together pretty well, what do you think?

Let’s put some lights on!

This is how the build ended up looking without the sidepanel on. I think all the hardware works really well together, both the colors and the lights.

Here are also two photos of the build up and running in a dimmed down environment.

And last two overview photos of the beautiful custom paintjob on the case, a big thanks to DMFinearts for the paintjob.

I hope you liked this build, comment what you thought about it and I will see you next time!