Enter the VOID (PRO)

By Corsair's Technical Marketing Team, on August 22, 2017

The next evolution of our popular VOID headset lineup is here with the VOID PRO, featuring a slew of upgrades and tweaks under the hood.

The VOID PRO, like the original VOID headset, is available in surround, USB, and wireless versions.These headsets all share the same great basic features: breathable microfiber mesh fabric contoured earcups packed with memory foam for comfort, metal structural components and glass fiber infused plastics for durability, tuned 50mm neodymium drivers for audio quality, a redesigned unidirectional microphone with flexible boom (and included pop filter) for added clarity in-game, and integrated headset volume and microphone controls.

The wired and wireless USB versions of the VOID PRO also feature RGB illumination on the CORSAIR logo present on each earcup which can be adjusted in the CORSAIR UTILITY ENGINE (CUE). Additionally, these two versions of the VOID PRO automatically mute the microphone when you lift the mic boom (the base of the microphone will light up in red when it is muted).

So, what’s different? The memory foam cushions on the VOID PRO have been adjusted for more comfort while blocking out more outside noise. The drivers of the VOID PRO have also been tweaked for a better audio experience overall. However, the most obvious difference is that the microphone has been redesigned. This new microphone has increased audio capture quality, allowing you to be heard clearly in-game (the included pop filter is also a nice touch) while also being flexible for easy adjustment.

With the latest version of CUE (version 2.16 at the time this blog post was written), you’re able to control all the audio and lighting settings of the VOID PRO USB and wireless easily.

In CUE, we’ve built-in a selection of common audio EQ presets, but you can also create a custom EQ if you wish. We've also got headset/microphone volume sliders along with the Dolby Surround/Stereo toggle.These settings can also be switched through on the fly with the controls on the VOID PRO itself. Simply short press the volume dial in to switch between different EQ profiles or long press the volume dial to toggle between stereo and Dolby Surround modes.

You can also adjust the lighting on the headset to match the rest of your peripherals with the built-in lighting effects. As an added bonus, there are two basic lighting modes that you can apply to any of our CUE-enabled keyboards, VOID PLAYBACK VISUALIZER and VOID MICROPHONE VISUALIZER, which display a customizable audio visualizer effect based on the VOID PRO’s microphone input or audio playback.

The VOID PRO is a product refined by the feedback we’ve gathered from users of the original VOID headset line and its improved comfort and audio quality is sure to keep your head in the game. For more information on where to buy, check it out over on our webstore.