Corsair Link Lighting Node

By Jeff Checchi, on May 2, 2013

The Corsair Link Lighting Node is a component that comes with our Corsair Link Cooling and Lighting Kit, but many people do not know that can be used independently, without other Corsair Link components. The Lighting Node offers quick and easy lighting control for your system, and comes with everything you need to light up the inside of your case in a color of your choice. If you want to have more advanced functionality and control over the Lighting Node, there are some ways of linking it up with other hardware components, but first let's talk about the stand alone functionality of the Corsair Link Lighting Node.


There are two separate channels on the Lighting Node which are controlled by the two buttons that are found on the controller housing. Pressing the buttons (which are found below circled in red) will manually cycle through the five available colors as well as the "off" function for each channel. You can daisy chain multiple LED strips together on a single channel, or set up two different channels which can light up in different colors of your choice.


For advanced functionality, you can add one of our Corsair Link compatible Hydro Series Coolers like the H80i or H100i, or you can add the standalone Corsair Link Commander, which is available separately on the Corsair webstore. Adding one of these additional devices will allow you to control and monitor your Corsair Link Lighting Node with the Corsair Link software, rather than having to manually cycle through colors using the phsysical buttons. The Lighting Node ships with the following components:

  • 1x Two channel lighting controller (Corsair Link Lighting Node)
  • 3x 7.5 inch LED strips w/ 3 LEDs per strip
  • 3x 12.5 inch LED extensions
  • 1x Corsair Link expansion cable (to link the Lighting Node to other Corsair Link compatible hardware)


If you already own a Corsair Link compatible Hydro Series cooler such as the H80i or H100i, then you can use the included Corsair Link expansion cable to connect the Lighting Node directly to the Corsair Link expansion port on the Hydro Series cooler. Since these coolers interface directly with Corsair Link via a USB cable, any Corsair Link device that is plugged into the expansion port on the cooler will be detected by the Corsair Link software and the device will have all the added functionality that the software offers.

When it comes to the Lighting Node, here are the added benefits of using it with the Corsair Link software:

  • Available colors go from five, to being able to program full RGB/HEX codes.
  • Strobing and auto-cycling color features become available.
  • Lighting Alerts become available, meaning that you can use the Corsair Link software to link the behavior of the LEDs to correspond with various data points that Corsair Link can detect. For example, you can have the colors of LEDs change colors to indicate temperature changes of a device, like your CPU or graphics card(s).

Although full software control of the lighting offers more options and control over your cases lighting, for many, it is not necessary. If you just want to spice up your system and show off your hardware, then the stand alone Corsair Link Lighting Node may be just what you are looking for.


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