Enthusiast Computing and Corsair Vengeance™ 2000MHz Memory: Made for Each Other!

By , on April 13, 2011

Computer enthusiasts are more demanding than your average computer user. For those users we've recently introduced Vengeance 2000MHz DDR3 memory, available in 4GB, 6GB, and 12GB kits.

According to www.dictionary.reference.com, an enthusiast is defined as:


  1. a person who is filled with enthusiasm for some principle, pursuit, etc.; a person of ardent zeal: a sports enthusiast.
  2. a religious visionary or fanatic.

Enthusiasts are everywhere. You can see them climbing up Mt. Everest to the 29,029ft summit, cruising 600hp street-rods down Woodward Avenue, extreme skiing down 60° plus slopes littered with trees and boulders, launching a nitro methane burning dragster to 340mph or more in under 5 seconds, competing in marathons and triathlons, and sitting at computer desks overclocking their computer gear to extract every last single bit of performance from it. You may even see computer techs jumping trucks on BMX bikes. Yeah, I know… that guy should 'a had a helmet on.

At Corsair, we're enthusiasts ourselves. As a longtime industry leader in high performance memory, we realize the demand from that discerning group of people that want to extract every last ounce of performance from their computer hardware. These people expect the absolute best and fastest memory that can be had.

Some may say that you don’t actually need 2GHz memory these days. Well, that is only partly true. No one actually needs a 600hp car to go to the grocery store. It’s not a requirement to climb the tallest mountain in the world or to ski back down it. Running 26 miles or jumping 26 feet is not a necessity for most. But, there are those people in the world that demand the best equipment so that they can push the boundaries that restrict others.

Our customers spoke, and we listened. The most recent offering for these customers is our new Vengeance 2000MHz DDR3 memory, available in 4GB, 6GB, and 12GB kits. These Vengeance kits fills the niche for the enthusiast audience that wants this level of performance, but who may not want or need the expandability and flexibility of our flagship Dominator® and Dominator® GT DDR3 memory.

The Enthusiast segment of the memory market is certainly not about what people “need”. It’s about what people want. And when people want the fastest and best memory available, they come to Corsair.