By Chris Stolze, on February 12, 2021

One of the coolest features of our ELITE CAPELLIX RGB CPU liquid coolers is the removable cap for the pump head which you can swap out for an alternate an alternate pump cap included in the box along with the hardware you need to remove the pre-installed pump cap. But what if you want to do more to customize the look of your ELITE CAPELLIX cooler?

Screenshot image of the CORSAIR ELITE CAPELLIX liquid CPU cooler product page with an arrow marking the download file for 2D and 3D pump cap files
2D / 3D pump cap files can be found in the “DOWNLOADS” section of the product page.

For those with the desire for DIY, we’ve provided files that can be used to 3D print your own custom pump caps!

Side by side comparison of a custom ELITE CAPELLIX pump cap with the two stock pump cap options included with the cooler
DIY ELITE CAPELLIX pump cap by Blacksad (left), stock ELITE CAPELLIX pump caps (right)

And over on /r/CORSAIR as well as our own CORSAIR User Forums, community member Blacksad has put together a guide for users wanting to mod their existing ELITE CAPELLIX pump cap or a 3D printed blank. We’ve put together a condensed version of their guide, and you can click this link to read the full guide over on our User Forums. Thank you again Blacksad for sharing this with the CORSAIR community!

A collection of custom DIY pump caps made by Blacksad from the CORSAIR User Forums
Photo Credit: Blacksad, CORSAIR User Forums

How to 3D Print Blank Pump Caps

To get caps to 3D print, download the 3D files for the CORSAIR ELITE CAPELLIX CPU liquid cooler pump cap and take them to a 3D printing site or print on your own 3D/resin printer if you happen to have one. If you want a completely transparent blank pump cap, use a clear resin as the printing material and if you’re not concerned about transparency, you can print with a standard 3D printer using PLA or ABS filaments in very light colors which would allow the RGB lighting to shine through.

Making Your Own Pump Cap Decals

Use this template to get the dimensions of the area you have to work with for a custom design.
While a vinyl decal would produce the best results, you can try out a design by making a paper decal and sandwiching it between a blank, clear pump cap and the light diffusor of the pump head. Print out the design you’d like on one side of your paper, then mirror it and print it again on the other side to reduce the amount of light bleeding through the print.
If you have access to a vinyl cutter or intend on hand cutting a design, make sure that you reverse the image before cutting so that it’ll be oriented the correct way when applied to the bottom of the pump cap, especially if using vinyl with an adhesive side.
Once you’ve made your design, make sure to trim it down to size for the pump cap and install!

Cropped image of a custom DIY ELITE CAPELLIX pump cap lit up in Blacksad's system
Photo Credit: Blacksad, CORSAIR User Forums

Blanking a Stock Pump Cap

If you don’t have access to a 3D printer or are unable to get a 3D printed pump cap made, you can mod one of the stock ELITE CAPELLIX pump caps! Put the stock pump cap down on a soft material such as a towel or paper towel to avoid scratching up the front of the pump cap. Use 180 to 220 grit sandpaper, and sand with moderate force repeatedly in a single direction, going in a cross pattern will scuff up the side of the pump cap you’re sanding and will likely make the pump cap cloudy (we would recommend wet sanding if possible). Repeat the sanding until the decals wear away. Rinse all dust from the pump cap and wipe dry with a paper towel.
Badsad has additional tips and tricks and links to 3D printing resources, options for decal paper, and more in their forum post.

Closing Thoughts

CORSAIR and DIY go hand in hand, whether it’s one’s first build or an extravagant custom modded PC. If you’ve just built your first PC or want to share a cool mod you did with our community, join us over on the CORSAIR User Forums, Reddit, or Discord!