How to Identify Your Graphite Series™ 600T Fan Controller Cables

By Carlos Pascual, on March 28, 2011

Our Graphite Series™ 600T mid-tower case is equipped with an easily accessable fan controller on the exterior of the case. This short guide will show you how to properly connect this fan controller to the fans in your new case.

Locating the Fan Controller Cables

The fan controller knob is on the top of the case, and is pictured below. This knob controls the speed of the fans connected to the fan controller. Turning the knob to the left lowers the fan speed, while turning the knob to the right raises the speed.

Remove the side panel from the 600T behind the motherboard tray. The fan controller cables are strapped to the case, as shown below. Release the cables by cutting the zip tie.

Understanding Each Cable

  • There are a total of six cables shown below
  • Cables highlighted in red are the power fan connector cables, which are used to connect up to four fans
  • The cable highlighted in green connects to a 4-pin Molex cable from your power supply, providing power to the fan controller knob and the four fan connector cables
  • The cable highlighted in yellow is the top 200mm fan connector
  • The other 200mm fan cable can be located backside bottom left of the case (not shown in picture below)

Using the Fan Controller

To connect a fan to the fan controller, the protective cap must first be removed. Removing the cap is simple, grab a hold of the cap (enclosed in red) and pull down from the fan power connector (enclosed in yellow). The cap will easily slide off.

Once the cap is removed, two pins are revealed, allowing you to connect the two 200mm case fans.

Locate the two 200mm case fans power cables on the back of the case. When located, plug the 2-pin fan controller cable to each 200mm case fan.

Once the 2-pin fan controller power cables are connected to the 200mm case fans, installation is complete.

Note that you still have two additional 2-pin fan controller power cables if you desire to add more case fans.

Turn the system on and enjoy!