Installing Graphite Series™ 600T Side Panel with Windowed and Mesh Inserts

By Carlos Pascual, on April 11, 2011

The Graphite Series 600T side panel window kit comes with both windowed and mesh inserts so you can customize it the way you want. The window insert comes pre-installed on the side panel kit, providing the ability to see all your installed components. If you choose to swap from the window to mesh insert (only requiring a philips head screwdriver), it will provide improved air flow to your system.


Step 1:

First place the side panel down on a soft or padded surface to avoid any scratches during the installation process. In the picture below I used the foam inserts which came with the packaging to protect the panel.


Step 2:

 Locate the ten black screws which hold the window into place (boxed below in red). Use the philips head screwdriver to remove all ten.


Step 3:

Once all the screws have been removed, the final step is to remove the window. On each side of the window you will find two tabs (boxed in green). Push on both tabs while pulling up on the window to release it (shown in the picture below). Repeat this method for each side of the window until all eight have been released.


Step 4:

Turn the side panel around to remove the black trim. Once removed, only the metal side panel should be left.


Step 5:

Remove the mesh from the packaging. You will notice a set of screws (boxed in red) is added for installing up to four 120mm case fans after mesh installation is complete. The mesh insert consists of ten mesh tabs (boxed in green) which you will insert down into the front side of the panel, matching up with the ten cut out slots (boxed in yellow) in the side panel. See below picture for details.


Step 6:

Once the mesh has been set in place, flip the side panel back around to lock all ten metal tabs (boxed in red).


You have now finished installing the mesh side panel, and you're ready to install up to four 120mm case fans for improved air movement inside the case!