Introducing The New Hydro Series H80i and H100i Liquid CPU Coolers

By Jeff Checchi, on November 12, 2012


The newly released H80i and H100i are the latest and most advanced all-in-one liquid coolers that Corsair has ever built. Building on the success of the previous H80 and H100, the new coolers benefit from improvements in performance, ease of use and increased functionality with built-in Corsair Link V2 integration. In addition to these improvements, enthusiasts will appreciate that the units are quieter than ever before.


With radiator sizes remaining the same as the previous generation of coolers, performance has been increased by improving the efficiency of every other part of the cooler. For one, the copper cooling block has been redesigned to allow for better flow. You will also notice that the hoses have increased in diameter (OD 14.3mm) and are now made from a new proprietary rubber material which gives the unit better flow, flexibility and at the same time limits evaporation of the coolant inside the loop.


Earlier this year we launched our own lineup of case fans which were custom designed and tested using our own in house fan tester. We released two types of each fan, an airflow version and a static pressure version. When pushing air through an object, such as a radiator, ideal impeller designs and motor specifications are different from a standard airflow fan that has nothing obstructing its path. Using what we learned from fan design, the H80i and H100i are shipping with brand new fans designed for high static pressure and low noise. These fans which are based off of our SP120 retail fans, use high torque motors to push air through objects more efficiently than standard airflow fans, and are better in every way than the fans we shipped with the original H80 and H100.


In terms of installation, there have also been some improvements. The H80i and H100i support all current CPU sockets from both Intel and AMD (Intel™ LGA 1155, 1156, 1366, 2011 and AMD™ sockets FM1, FM2, AM2, and AM3), and now rather than requiring a screwdriver to switch mounting brackets from Intel to AMD, the bracket is now magnetic and requires no screws. The brackets as well as the rest of the mounting hardware now have a gunmetal finish, which not only looks great, but also is more resistant to scratches. Our older coolers have always used a proprietary hose design which was rigid and limited any evaporation of the liquid inside the cooler. While the limited evaporation allowed us to extend the warranty of the coolers to an industry leading 5 years, the rigidity of the hoses made installations a bit more difficult in some smaller chassis. The new H80i and H100i now use a proprietary rubber material which gives much better flexibility while still significantly limiting evaporation of the coolant, which has allowed us to continue to offer a 5 year warranty on both coolers.

One of the biggest changes with the new coolers is its compatibility with Corsair Link V2 right out of the box, without the need to purchase any additional hardware, just download the latest version of Corsair Link V2 from and you are ready to customize your cooler to your own preferences. Both coolers ship with a USB cable that attaches the cooler directly to an unused internal USB header on your motherboard to allow the unit to communicate with the Corsair Link software. Next to the micro USB connector on the pump unit, you will find an integrated Corsair Link digital connector which allows you to hook up an additional Corsair Link ready device (AXi series PSUs, Corsair Link LED strips, Airflow Pro) to your Hydro Series cooler, and control it directly with the Corsair Link V2 software.


Visually, the biggest change with the new coolers is the Corsair logo which is lit up by a customizable RGB LED. While the previous generation of H80/H100 coolers used a push button on the pump to switch between different preset performance profiles, this is no longer necessary, since profiles can all be controlled much more conveniently within the Corsair Link V2 software.  This RGB LED has multiple uses, from simply selecting a custom static color to compliment your systems theme, to being a real time temperature indicator that can use a custom gradient color scheme to indicate cold and hot values. We will discuss in detail what is possible with Corsair Link V2 in an upcoming blog post, so check back soon!


If you are looking for a CPU cooler that will allow you to push the limits of your CPU, then look no further, the new Hydro Series H80i and H100i are excellent choices. High performance, low noise, custom profiles and complete monitoring and control via Corsair Link V2 make these new Hydro Series coolers from Corsair the best to date.