K|ngP|n and TiN Take World Records with Corsair Memory

By Jake Crimmins, on April 22, 2011

If you have ever looked at the top 3DMark® scores or know a little about extreme overclocking, you've probably seen the name Vince “K|ngP|n” Lucido. Recently Vince teamed up with fellow overclocker and mad scientist Illya “TiN” Tsemenko to break some world records.

Four GTX 580 GPUs with Tek 9 LN2 pots
Four highly modified NVIDIA® GeForce® GTX 580 with K|ngP|n cooling Tek 9 LN2 pots installed

They started out with the EVGA® Classified SR-2 motherboard and a pair of Intel® Xeon® X5690 processors. Along with the EVGA motherboard they used Corsair Dominator® GT GTX2 memory modules and four highly modified NVIDIA® GeForce® GTX 580 graphics cards. Finally they mounted a total of seven, yes I said seven K|ngP|n  cooling LN2 pots!

Overview of the system
With everything installed and insulated they are ready to break records

First up Vince and Illya took the 3DMark Vantage World Record with a score of P79364. Two of the Xeon X5690 processors were overclocked to almost 5.5GHz. After knowing Vince for a number of years and following his overclocks I am sure he is going to break 80,000 in this benchmark any day. This is yet another milestone that Vince has broken.

3DMark Vantage Performance
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After taking that record Vince and Illya went after the world record for 3DMark 11. This time they raised the CPU clocks to 5.62GHz. The GPUs were also overclocked to almost 1200MHz!  This combination of CPU and GPU power led to a new world record of P24347.

3DMark11 Performance
Click here for the Futuremark Orb results

After several hours of benchmarking Vince and Illya had two world records to show for their efforts. They are definitely going to be a tough combination to beat out. However, I am sure they will break their own records within the next few weeks.

LED Lights Illya made for the K|ngP|n LN2 Pots
Check out the bling that Illya made for the LN2 pots