Meet the Modders - Peter Brands

By Mike Clements, on November 4, 2013

Over the past year or so if you have been on the internet much, it is very likely you have seen the amazing computer desk shown below, the Cross by Red Harbinger. Peter Brands, or L3p on the forums, is one of the designers at Red Harbinger and he is part some extraordinary creations.�

PeterB 1 Desk

The level of pure innovation and attention to detail in the systems Peter is involved with is simply amazing. The term modding is an understatement with the systems that we've seen.�It's more like art.�

PeterB 2 Details

We've run our Meet the Modders questions by Peter and he gave us this bio to start the questions. Enjoy!�

I�m Peter Brands and I am 33 years old. I am happily married and have a �lovely daughter. I am an electrician active on trawlers, vessels, onshore installations in industry etc. by day. Online I am known as L3p, designer at Red Harbinger, casemodder, gamer, and hardware enthusiast by night.

One detail consistent with every modder we've met is that they always wear proper protective gear when working. Peter is no exception and his safety glasses are even a bit stylish.�

PeterB Hard at Work

1. Q: What got you into modding?

A:�At first just improving temperatures. But back then when attending LAN-parties I already got inspired by the builds that were shown there. Once I started with the L3p D3sk project, it wasn�t just 100% functionality, also cared a lot about the looks and details.

2. Q: What was your first �real� modded or custom built system?

A: I started as an online gamer about 17 years ago. Systems produced more heat with the years. So my first mods were all just to improve cooling. Fan holes, cable management, case adjustments etc. When the i7 and gtx295 got introduced I just couldn�t manage the heat anymore. That�s where my passion for liquid cooling started. Well .. that escalated quickly :)

Check out the Corsair Underground pictures and you'll see more pictures like this one.

PeterB Underground 1

3. Q: What is your favorite mod or custom build you have ever done?

A:�I don�t really have a favorite, all of my builds had something in it I really liked to do. �L3p D3sk� cause of the scratch work and full acrylic loop, �Cross by Red Harbinger� cause it was an improved and manufactured design on the handmade L3p D3sk,��L3p L4n� cause of its small size and power. (ASUS MARSII with custom block)

I also had a lot of fun in doing the smaller modifications, like water block polishing, Corsair Dominator fin EK block or polished Corsair SSD with window.

PeterB Closeup RAM and Block

4. Q: What is your favorite mod ever by someone else?

A:�Both are by Attila.

Attila 1.

Attila 2.�

And this is a build featured at bit-tech that inspired me a lot of years before I started modding.

5. Q: What is the most common mistake you see beginning modders and builders making.

A: The planning and design in front now that there are programs like Google sketchup. Some of the beginners design something in sketchup with the ultimate hardware and which is almost impossible to create with normal hand tools. So sadly a lot of these builds will never even get started.

Planning is essential when doing work with this level of detail and complexity.�

PeterB 4

6. Q: What advice would you give to a person setting out on their first truly modded or custom built system.

A: Take all the time you need and enjoy the time spent on it. Sometimes the smallest mods and builds are the ones you have most fun in doing. Also, lights inside the mod or even light for shooting photos of the build is very important.

PeterB Home Theater

7. Q: What are the essential skills you would suggest that a beginning modder focus on developing?

A:�Most important, patience, detail and learning to work with basic hand tools like a file, sandpaper, paint, fretsaw, drill etc.

We agree with Peter here. Patience, planning, attention to details, and mastery of tools yields results like this!�

PeterB Desk

8. Q: Do you prefer your modded rigs to run at stock speeds or do you want them OCd?

A: All my �big� builds were overclocked as much as possible. Modding is actually the last thing I started doing from all my pc related hobbies. Gaming got me into overclocking, overclocking got me into liquidcooling, liquidcooling got me into modding. Some of my HTPC�s are underclocked.

PeterB Watercooled and OCed

9. Q: What do you think is the most important element of modding? Sleeving, details, hardware, etc?

A: For me personally it�s one big mixture of all those elements. For me it�s a challenge to make all these elements work in one pc. Custom work, sleeving, lighting, liquidcooling, details, hardware, silence etc.

PeterB Green Desk

10. Q: What is your favorite Corsair product?

A: There�s only one kind of product of which I never changed brand in the last 9 or 10 years. That�s Corsair memory. My first kit was an TWINX1024-3200LLPRO kit with leds on them. At the moment still in love with the design of the Platinums. My most favorite Corsair case is the Carbide Series Air 540 at the moment, always had a passion for double-wide cases.

PeterB Red Desk Closeup

11. Q: Tell us something interesting about yourself that is not related to PCs. � � �

A: It might be PC related but another passion is to create the most user friendly home cinema set/pc. My 3 year old daughter is almost able to fully control the full set with just one remote. She can choose from hundreds of (HD) movies with a few actions. I like to watch movies and series myself too � play some games. Hmm .. it�s all pc related .. :)

Next to everything pc related my wife and daughter are everything for me.

PeterB 5 Daughter Home Theater

We'd like to thank Peter for taking the time to share his work with us. His photography is excellent just like his work so be sure to visit the Corsair forum and his website to see his build logs.