SWVA LAN April 2012: Well Played!

By Mike Clements, on July 9, 2012

In late 2011 I received an email from Caleb Tote, one of the primary organizers of the SWVA (Southwest Virginia) LAN event. According to their Facebook page, "SWVA is A 100% non-profit organization, offering gaming events to local programmers, gamers, and all types of computer enthusiasts." Caleb told me who he was, explained the history and scope of their LAN event, and asked about how to apply for a LAN sponsorship package from Corsair for their April 12-13, 2012 LAN event.




I requested some additional information from Caleb including website statistics, their past attendance figures, and an outline of how he intended to promote Corsair if we did in fact provide a sponsorship package. Not only did he respond with a wealth of accurate and up to date information, I got it within 24 hours of requesting it. I got the distinct impression that Mr. Tote was on top of his game, pun intended.

Over the past 18 months I have been involved in supporting and attending a variety of gaming related events. One thing I have noticed is the growing popularity of smaller regional LAN events. Based on the effort and information I received from Caleb and the SWVA crew before, during, and after their event, they epitomize the strong and growing regional LAN. I think this is a great thing for the gaming industry in general because some of the events have been the combined efforts of strong regional LANs producing larger events that are very well organized. I believe that the "next big LAN" will evolve from groups like this and it's a pleasure to support them.

As I noted above, I got exactly what I needed from Caleb before, during, and after the event. Their effort to follow up the event was very good and they have a great picture gallery. This sponsorship was well earned and put to good use. It did not disappear off into gaming limbo never to be seen again. The event prizes were distributed well and quite a few people took home some Corsair Vengeance Gaming swag.




The SWVA crew took the initiative to display some of the Vengeance Gaming gear we sent to the LAN at a special table. It was set up with several games so that instead of just looking at pretty boxes, the attendees could sit down and actually test our headsets, keyboards, and mice for themselves.


Corsair Demo Table


Based on Facebook feedback during and after the event, this LAN was extremely well organized. If you check out the pictures on their site, you can see that they had information posted in very easy to see areas. Here's a shot of one of the tournament brackets.



The Corsair demo table was busy for the entire event and we got great feedback on all of our products.


Demo Table Busy


The K90 sure does look good under the lights.


K90 Under the Lights


Some of the prize and tournament winners proudly displaying their Corsair gear.


Group Prizes


The state of Virginia boasts the motto "Virginia is for Lovers". I think you can now add to that statement and say that Virginia is for lovers of great LAN events. If you are considering a LAN this fall and it's close enough to you for travel, the SWVA-V fall LAN event should be well worth your time.

Thanks again to Caleb and the rest of the SWVA crew for putting on a great event.