Vengeance 32GB Memory Disk Performance

By Jake Crimmins, on March 5, 2012

In my previous blog on 32GB memory caching perfromance I showed how using 16GB of memory to setup a RAM cache gave huge performance improvements in several benchmarks. A RAM disk is very similar to the RAM cache, however it sets itself up as a separate disk with its own drive letter. To use a RAM disk you will need to manually copy the files to the RAM disk partition. One advantage the RAM disk has over a RAM cache is the write speeds. Using a RAM disk you are only writing to RAM, with a RAM cache you are writing to the RAM and the SSD or HDD. Again I used software from SuperSpeed however this time I used RAMDisk Plus. I set my RAM disk up to use 16GB of memory from the 32GB Vengeance® DDR3 memory kit I used in this test.



PCMark Vantage saw a slight decrease in the overall suite score when using the RAM disk instead of the RAM cache, but this is due to the software scoring a secondary drive lower. The HDD Suite score doubled thanks to the faster write speeds to the RAM disk.  


PCMark Suite9,63521,09914,29027,08721,462
HDD Suite3,74750,20634,396257,441642,263



Anvil’s Storage Utilities also saw a huge increase in overall performance thanks to the faster write speeds. The read speeds and IOPS did decrease though.


Overall Score228.984,450.9023,939.0227,497.8837,514.98
Sequential Read 4MB95.48 MB/s514.83 MB/s4864.61 MB/s5044.33 MB/s4853.08 MB/s
Sequential Read 4MB Response Time41.8953ms7.7695ms0.8223ms0.7930ms.8242ms
4K QD16 Read IOPS232.12 IOPS42,861.71 IOPS761,494.18 IOPS790,493.35 IOPS317,309.40 IOPS



ATTO also saw a huge increase in write speeds with 4x the performance over the RAM cache with an SSD. However once again the read speeds were slightly slower.


ATTO Max Read104.9 MB/s555.3 MB/s3851.5 MB/s3949.5 MB/s3034.3 MB/s
ATTO Max Write102.6 MB/s523.7 MB/s109.5 MB/s517.4 MB/s4293.3 MB/s



Crystal Disk Mark showed improvements to both reads and writes. However the sequential read improvements were minimal. The biggest differences can be seen in the sequential writes and the 4K QD32 writes.


Sequential Read104.4 MB/s471.9 MB/s4880 MB/s5063 MB/s5095 MB/s
Sequential Write105 MB/s253.2 MB/s104.3 MB/s165.8 MB/s6970 MB/s
4K QD32 Read1.119 MB/s193.2 MB/s671.6 MB/s573.3 MB/s974.9 MB/s
4K QD32 Write.980 MB/s230.6 MB/s1.236 MB/s141.8 MB/s774.7 MB/s



Using both RAM cache and RAM drives can give you huge performance improvements. However they both have their pros and cons. The RAM disk has amazing write performance, however you do have to put everything onto a second drive letter. The RAM cache is really good at read speeds and you do not have to manually move files over. If you are only reading data a RAM cache may work best for you. If you need the write performance the RAM disk might be the better direction to head.