Corsair Voyager Air and DLNA Capable Devices

By Mike Clements, on July 17, 2013

I recently took another of those fun field trips I occasionally get to enjoy for work purposes. This time, I went back to Sound Proof to check out the latest, greatest, baddest head unit on the market, the Kenwood DNN990HD.

I was extremely interested in this Kenwood unit because of its potential usage with Voyager Air. I got to put this beast of a head unit onto the Sound Proof test bench along with one of the Sound Proof owners Voyager Air and I was not disappointed. The Voyager Air and the DNN990HD worked together flawlessly. 

Kenwood DNN990HD and Voyager Air on bench


The DNN990HD is WiFi capable and has a simple and fuctional GUI for navigating available networks. It works like any tablet or smart phone I've ever used. 

DNN990HD Network Interface


The DNN990HD has a feature that Kenwood calls Wireless Link. This feature allows users of the DNN990HD to access content via WiFi with devices that have a DLNA compatible media server.

Kenwood Wireless Link


A media server that works with DLNA capable devices? Guess what Voyager Air has? A network media server that does just that! With our most recent 1.2.7 firmware, you get a fully functional network media server that works with DLNA capable devices like the DNN990HD. 

Voyager Air Media Server

When you initiate the Kenwood Wireless Link function, there are several options for browsing the network server. This is amazing functionality for mobile head unit. This device is practically a fully functional tablet that fits into your dash. The only real limitation is that is has no onboard storage. That's where the Voyager Air comes in.

DNN990HD Media Library Shot 1


You can fully utilize all of the amazing audio and video media features of this head unit when coupled with a Voyager Air without resorting to cloud based media options using your phone and hammering your data plan. 

Media Library 2


This level of media access in a mobile unit is unprecedented and it is enhanced by the Voyager Air. The DNN990HD does cost a "fistful of dollars" but for those that want the combined functionality in one device, this is the only choice. 

Movie Shot


Once I returned home, I decided to take my Panasonic DMP-BDT220 Blu-ray player for a spin and see how it works with the Voyager Air utilizing the Panasonic DLNA functionality. I have previously used the DMP-DBT220 connected to my network via a SAMBA based network share. So, I wanted to compare the experience to the Panasonic DLNA capabilities. 

Setting up the DMP-DBT220 network is very simple. While this is not a complete tutorial, you can see that using a Voyager Air with a DLNA capable device is very straightforward. 

Network Settings 1


Once you are connected wirelessly, you can see the network connection status. 

Network Settings


To access your media  on the Voyager Air, you can navigate right to the content by using the DLNA Client function. 

Panasonic DLNA Client


You can select the device from the DLNA Server servers list. 

DLNA Servers List


From this point, you can navigate the content in several ways. 

DLNA Client Nav Menu


You can even navigate a Voyager Air with multiple partitions. 

Multiple Partitions


You are now ready enjoy classic movies.

Classic Movies


Or, you can enjoy equally classic music.

Classic Music


Voyager Air is a the perfect companion for your devices that utilize DLNA in the home or on the road. Don't limit yourself to using your phone or cloud services when you are on the go. Give your device access to that 500GB or 1TB of media that it deserves.