Corsair Voyager Air Offers Superior Battery Life

By Mike Clements, on April 4, 2013

During the course of developing the Corsair Voyager Air, battery life was an area of great focus for us. We decided to put a very large capacity battery into the Voyager Air so that mobile users could get the most out of their devices under a variety of usage scenarios. The battery we chose is rated at 6200mAh or milliamp hours.

Here's one of my early prototypes. You can clearly see the battery sitting on top of the HDD.  

Voyager Air Prototype 3 


During our internal testing with these early units, we found that in some very light usage scenarios we could get almost 8 full hours of music playback with a single user. However, we did not  believe that this would be a fair representation of what the average user could consistently expect with higher bit rate music, video, and HD video. Based on this testing, we decided to publish the specification as up to 7 hours.  

Needless to say, we were a bit surprised when a competitor drive (Seagate Wireless Plus) was announced touting a battery rated at  less than one half ours AND claimed up to 10 hours of battery life. We did some internal testing and we just could not find a way to make a Wireless Plus with a 2900mAh battery outperform a Voyager Air with a 6200mAh battery.

The nice thing today is, you don't have to take our word for it. The Voyager Air reviews are starting to show up online. Some of the reviewers are actually testing the batteries as opposed to simply quoting the number printed on the box. We believe that you will find these results to be exactly like those that the battery ratings would suggest; a bigger battery lasts longer. It's a very compelling specification to consider when buying a portable wireless storage device.


Reviewer Konrad Krawczyk's Voyager Air review  at included battery life testing of both the Voyager Air and the Wireless Plus. He found the same thing we did. A bigger battery lasts longer. Here's a quote from his review: 

Battery Life

When we streamed a 1080p movie from the Voyager Air to a notebook on a continuous loop, the drive lasted 5 hours and 40 minutes before it threw in the towel. That bests the Seagate Wireless Plus by almost 2 hours (3 hours and 50 minutes).

Going on a road trip? Corsair includes a car charger in addition to a regular charger to help you stream media to multiple devices while inside a vehicle.  



We also noticed a correction in our recent Voyager Air review at Gadget Review. Initially, the review quoted the Seagate claim of up to 10 hours. However, there has been a correction made to the article based on actual testing performed since the initial publication. Read it for yourself, the result is clear and of course logical. A bigger battery lasts longer.   


Creating a playlist of 10-straight hours of video playback, I counted approx 6+ hours of continuous streaming. That’s not phenomenal and is bested by Seagate’s near 10hrs.* But honestly the Corsair Voyager Air is much more deserving of the mobile moniker. It comes ready to plug the battery life gap with a bevy of charging options and accessories mentioned above.

Corsair has a winner in the Voyager Air portable media hub. It holds 1TB of storage capacity that can be enjoyed while tethered via USB 3.0 or Ethernet or wireless via WiFi to iPad, iPod Touch, iPhone and nearly all Android tablets and smartphones. Battery life is sufficient if not immense in duration, the unit weighs about 2lbs and comes with everything you need for remote media enjoyment.

*Update: No matter how many times I try, I can’t seem to recreate the usage scenario, which permitted 10hrs of batt-life for the Seagate Wireless Plus.


We applaud both of these reviewers for their thorough testing and for publishing their results. Please look HERE for more Voyager Air reviews.

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