Weekly Review Round-Up — Post Holiday Daze Edition

By Michael Valera, on January 28, 2011

In a bit of a slow week we have a couple reviews and a video for you to enjoy this week.

Hexus, Gaming Audio Series™ SP2500 Speakers review — " In all, though. the SP2500s are the best PC-centric speakers we've heard. The asking price may well be a stumbling block for most readers, and many will look toward a budget set of KEF or Mission speakers and amplifier for the same outlay, but after spending hours with a set, there's little doubting that Corsair has hit the right note with its first foray into premium speaker territory. Got a high-end PC build planned? Do yourself a favour and put these on the list."

Legit Reviews, Gaming Audio Series™ SP2500 Speakers review — "When the Corsair SP2500 2.1 PC speaker system showed up in the test lab we hooked it up and were shocked to hear our music. We were able to hear details in the audio that we weren't able to make out on our old speaker system. The satellite speakers on the SP2500 are amazing and the midrange audio is crystal clear. Most audiophiles talk about sound separation and having bass that overpowers vocals and we finally get what they were talking about. The Logitech Z-5300 system that we were running appears to have had greatly exaggerated bass and as a result we were actually missing out on the clarity of our audio tracks. This is something we never would have known if we didn't try out the SP2500 on the same PC. Just picture us playing the same song over and over and switching speaker systems! ;)  The Corsair SP2500 speakers were able to sound great no matter the volume, either, and that is something our old Logitech Z-5300 speakers were unable to do.  The Logitech Z-5300's would distort and you'd smell them heating up, which is a smell that is very unsettling and I'm sure we've all smelled it before.  At the end of the day we found the Corsair SP2500 2.1 speaker system to be great for games, music and even movies. "

That's all from me this week... have a good weekend!