By Dustin Sklavos, on August 14, 2015

Curious about whether or not your Corsair hardware will survive the upgrade to Windows 10? Fear not! The overwhelming majority should have no issue, but for those with questions, this blog has answers.


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By Carlos Pascual, on July 22, 2011

The AirFlow Pro™ Dynamic Temperature and Activity Display for Dominator Memory is a uniquely designed accessory that allows you to see your memory's activity and temperature simultaneously via LED meters. I've always wanted to install one with my Dominator® with DHX Pro Connector and Airflow II Fan &mdash 12GB Triple Channel DDR3 Memory Kit (CMP12GX3M3A1600C9), but with the mesh side panel installed on my Graphite Series 600T mid-tower case the Airflow PRO is being concealed inside my case and is difficult to see. With the considerable“Bling” factor of the AirFlow Pro you don’t want that to be hidden. So I decided that I would modify the AirFlow Pro to place it on the front panel of the 600T, so I can see the it in all it's glory on front of my case.


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By Jake Crimmins, on June 29, 2012

As you may have heard we launched our new Dominator Platinum line of DDR3 memory at Computex in early June 2012. Dominator Platinum adds a brand new look, and an LED light pipe to our existing Dominator technology such as DHX cooling and AirFlow Pro support. Let's take a look at how the 4GB 3000MHz kit performs when combined with the latest Intel® Ivy Bridge processors.

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By Michael Valera, on July 22, 2011

Overclockers Club, Force Series™ 3 SSD Review "Having tested this drive, it is without doubt that an SSD can potentially give your computer a viable performance boost. In case you are still skeptical, let me put it this way – the upgrade in speed that you get from installing an SSD, like the Corsair Force GT, is like the 100 horsepower boost you'd get from adding a 100 shot nitrous system into your car!"


TweakTown, Force Series™ GT 3 SSD Review — "In this review we saw the latest firmware revision from SandForce and it allowed the Corsair Force GT to outperform every other drive in our charts. The Force GT is wicked fast and comes very close to reaching the performance limitations of SATA III (585MB/s) today. In ATTO we hit 560MB/s which is significant since that means this drive will still look good when next year's SSDs ship. There isn't really a lot of room to grow until SATA IV which hasn't even been announced, or for that matter publicly talked about."


Hexus, Force Series™ GT SSD Review in a SSD Round-Up — "Outfitted with 25nm synchronous NAND, the Force GT can struggle to keep up with rival solutions armed with Toshiba's premium Toggle Mode NAND, but the drive's ability is nonetheless impressive and it's comfortably quicker than the Force Series 3 in almost all of our benchmarks. Put two together in RAID and the results can be staggering."


NeoSeeker, Hydro Series™ H80 CPU Cooler Review — "Overall, the Corsair H80 is a hassle free, all-in-one solution that offers performance superior to virtually all other cooler on the market. So, if you are looking for the best and don't mind paying a premium, then the H80 is the perfect choice."


TweakTown, Professional Series™ HX1050 PSU Review in a SSD Round-Up — "Corsair also took a huge leap forward with the increased efficiency seen in the HX1050 and the extra two years of warranty. Corsair adds a bit more to sweeten the deal by offering the HX1050 for $219 which is the same price as the older and much less efficient HX1000."


Legit Reviews video review of the Corsair AirFlow Pro™:

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