By Jeff Checchi, on October 18, 2013
After some recent "discussion" on our Facebook page about the lack of the use of AMD components in our system builds I thought I would fulfill the desires of the AMD loyalists and build an AMD system that can beat out Intel in the price/performance department. When it comes to building the highest end system, Intel is still at the top, but not everyone is planning on spending multiple thousands of dollars on their PC. For those who want to build a capable PC without breaking the bank, AMD has some excellent offerings
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By Jonny Gerow, on May 9, 2013

A report recently published over at the VR-Zone discussing the new 4th generation Intel Core processors, code-named "Haswell", and their ability to go into a lower power sleep state than any previous processor has caused some concern about PSU compatability with the new processor.

When an Intel Core (i3, i5, i7) processor is idle, it goes into a sleep state that requires less power than when the CPU is active. Since the motherboard voltage regulation modules that provide power to the CPU gets their power from the power supply's +12V rail, these sleep states can dramatically reduce the load on the power supply's +12V rail.

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