By Phi Keo, on September 28, 2011


Summer is over, and I thought it was just about time to cut some weight for the leaner, tighter body everyone is after. I don’t mean me — I am talking about my home gaming computer. It’s been about to two years since I got my Obsidian Series® 800D, and what an amazing full-tower case it is, but I think it's time for a refresh. I'm looking for something lighter, smaller and a little more stylish, so I set my sights set on the Special Edition White Graphite Series™ 600T computer case. While am at it, I'll give the old gaming rig some upgraded hardware with a Force Series™ 3 60GB SSD and 12GB Dominator memory upgrade kit. Keep in mind this build isn’t going to be the ultimate performance machine, but it will be pretty to look at and show case the versatility of the 600T case with some minor mods for water cooling.

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By Michael Valera, on February 11, 2011

Legit Reviews, Vengeance™ 8GB DDR3 1600MHz Memory Kit Review"The Corsair Vengeance 8GB 1600MHz CL9 DDR3 memory kit is a great performer in every regard. Being able to overclock this memory kit easily to 1866MHz is huge! While it does not win outright in benchmarks it is narrowly behind. The results are so close that it would be tough to actually see the difference in everyday scenarios. Its true value lies in its cost per GB where at just $5 more provides double the capacity of the highest performing 2133MHz kit!

The Corsair Vengeance memory kit has a good looking heat spreader and is much more aggressive looking than the Dominator and XMS lines. Those of you showing off your PC are going to have a tough call on your hands, but again looking at the GB per dollar ratio it is hard to ignore the Vengeance kit."


PC Perspective, Gaming Audio Series™ SP2500 Speakers Review "If Corsair wanted to make a big splash in computer audio, they certainly have succeeded. The SP2500s are the best 2.1 set of computer speakers that I have set ears to."


"Most users will balk at paying $250 for a set of 2.1 speakers. Then again, there are those who do take audio much more seriously than others. While $250 is a lot of money, I feel that Corsair delivers a product worth every cent. I have been following computer audio since the days of those tiny, tinny 2.0 speakers that were battery powered. The jump to the Altec Lansing ACS-31s was massive from those terrible speakers. This was followed by plenty of competition from Creative (the original Megaworks 510D were fantastic), Klipsch (ProMedia series), and Logitech (Z-560 followed by the Z-5x00 series). Over the past 20 years we have seen tremendous leaps in sound quality in computer speakers. Now as we enter 2011, I can honestly say that these are the most accurate, well rounded, and best engineered desktop speakers that I have yet heard."


ThinkComputers, Graphite Series™ 600T Mid-Tower Case Review"As I said earlier in this review all Corsair products either are best in class or right up there, so does the 600T make the cut?  It sure does, it is everything that a case should be.  Starting out with the build quality the internal steel chassis feels very strong and sturdy.  There is some plastic on this case, but it feels very solid.  The case doors come off very easily and the latch system works great and I wouldn’t expect the latches to break either."


Benchmark Reviews, Gaming Audio Series™ HS1 USB Review"It may be pure coincidence or genuine quality, but somehow the Corsair [HS1] USB Gaming Headset hit a sweet spot. It is instantly my favorite headset for listening to music, watching movies, and gaming. Much of it can be attributed to the fine-tuned 50mm drivers delivering top-notch audio. The decision to use Dolby for surround sound is wise, as they are the industry standard for music, games and movies. This is also the most comfortable pair of headset I've used. The mic isn't the best but if you're in a noisy room with lots of ambient noise this mic will manage to capture your voice and your voice only."



That's all from me this week... have a good weekend!

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By Carlos Pascual, on April 11, 2011

The Graphite Series 600T side panel window kit comes with both windowed and mesh inserts so you can customize it the way you want. The window insert comes pre-installed on the side panel kit, providing the ability to see all your installed components. If you choose to swap from the window to mesh insert (only requiring a philips head screwdriver), it will provide improved air flow to your system.

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By Michael Valera, on August 12, 2011

ProClockers, Force Series™ 3 SSD Review — "With the performance number we saw here today we feel that there is no better time than the present to upgrade from the typical mechanical drive to an ultra-fast SSD like the Force 3."


TweakTown, Hydro Series™ H80 CPU Cooler Review — "What the H80 has for me to see value in is simply three things. Number one is performance; I mean it rocked our TECC and showed us that these coolers can keep up and run with the big dogs. The adjustable at a touch cooling, with the option for the additional Link later on makes the new Hydro series coolers even more adaptable. To round out the trio, there is the mounting."


Overclockers Club, Special Edition White Graphite Series™ 600T Mid-Tower Case Review — "Overall, the features of the Corsair Graphite Series 600T work well, and the Special White Edition offers some extra benefits over the original version — for only a tiny bit of a price-hike."


Hexus, Carbide Series™ 400R Mid-Tower Case Review — "The Carbide Series 400R doesn't have the visual lure of Corsair's previous solutions, but it manages to retain a lot of what's good about the Graphite and Obsidian Series enclosures and offer it in a package costing less than £90."


Guru3D, Carbide Series™ 400R Mid-Tower Case Review — "However for 99 bucks you do get a serious chassis that does not forfeit a lot, in fact labeling it mid-range or mainstream doesn't even do it justice. The work space inside is great with easy access to pretty much anything and with 8 expansions lots there is plenty room for multiple graphics cards that are lengthy. Everything can be installed tool free and the new retention 3.5" HDD clips work a lot better then the previous models have shown."


Hardware Canucks video review of the Carbide Series™ 400R Mid-Tower Case:

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By Mike Clements, on February 7, 2011

I recently spent some time assembling and testing a new gaming rig using our Graphite Series™ 600T mid-tower case. I used quite a few other Corsair components, combined with a solid CPU, GPU, and motherboard to make a great little gaming rig.

 I documented the component selection, the build, and the testing in 3 different sections. The end result was an extremely capable rig perfect for gaming and a variety of other tasks. The most fun part was getting a 1.2GHz OC with very little effort! 

CPU-Z: Stock Settings (left) v.s. CPU-Z: OCed Settings (right)

Due to the excellent feature set and functionality of the 600T, the build was quick and seamless. Read along and see how well the build went and you can see how the included Corsair components might integrate into your existing build or even a new system.

Read the complete build log at Corsair Graphite Series 600T Build Log: Yellowbeard’s Revenge.

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By Corsair's Technical Marketing Team, on January 21, 2011
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