By Mike Clements, on November 28, 2011

As much as it pains me to admit it, not every person wants or needs a fire breathing dragon type PC. Quite a few people in the world will never use or want discrete PCI-e graphics processing, a personalized modded case with bells and whistles, multiple drives, and all of those other goodies that constitute a high end PC. A lot of people are going "green" with their PCs and making choices that consume less power.

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By Jonny Gerow, on December 30, 2013

There has been a lot of discussion recently as to what capacitors are used inside Corsair power supplies.  While there’s much speculation that Japanese capacitors are the only capacitors that should be used in an enthusiast level product, the fact of the matter is that there is a good deal of research done when considering what capacitors to use in a particular power supply.  Furthermore, improvements in both efficiency and switching technologies have reduced the dependency on using very expensive capacitors.  To help clear up this subject, I have put together this brief Q&A about capacitors in power supplies.

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By Michael Valera, on July 8, 2011

Hardware Heaven, Force Series™ GT SSD Review — Overall 10 out of 10 score — "Speaking of speed, the Force GT continues to score well in that regard. Throughout the review it was able to outperform a higher capacity Intel model based on the latest Marvell controller."


LanOC, Gaming Audio Series™ SP2500 Speakers Review — 10 out of 10, and an "Editor's Choice" award — "My experience with the SP2500 was amazing. High’s, mid's and low's were all equally impressive. My only complaint from a gamers perspective was the lack of a 5.1 option for better directionality, but even for a 2.1 system in-game performance was wonderful."


TweakTown, Builder Series™ CX430 V2 PSU Review "Sometimes it is refreshing to sit back and take a look at non-enthusiast grade hardware. It is simplistic, does exactly what it is meant to do, and is cheap. The CX430V2 is does just that and nothing more. It provides plenty of power, within specifications, for low end systems. It does it without a ton of cables getting in the way or extra connectors that you'll never use. Best of all, it does it at a great price."


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By Jonny Gerow, on July 31, 2012

Today we're going to take our newest flagship power supply, the 1200 watt AX Series™ AX1200i digital ATX fully-modular PSU, and find out what makes it different — or dare I say, superior to every other PC power supply currently on the market.  Anyone can promise 80 PLUS® Platinum efficiency, superior voltage regulation, and minimal ripple and noise, but today we're going to crack one open and show you how we go well beyond that mark.

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By Jeff Checchi, on February 8, 2013

Corsair Link has recently been updated to version 2, and what this means for users is that usability, compatibility and general functionality have all been greatly improved. The update coincides with two new product lines that have recently been updated to include Corsair Link support, right out of the box. These two product lines are the new AXi series PSUs, and the Hydro Series H100i and H80i CPU coolers. These "i" (intelligent) devices do not require any extra hardware to be purchased in order to utilize the Corsair Link V2 software — support for Corsair Link is built in. These both simplify the setup of Corsair Link, and lower the barrier of entry for people wanting to take advantage of the system monitoring and control that Corsair Link can provide.

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By Jeff Checchi, on June 8, 2012

With the Computex show right around the corner it was time to build some systems to show off some of our newly announced and released products. Among those products is our Vengeance Series C70 gaming case which comes in three colors (Military Green, Arctic White, and Gunmetal Black), I will be using the Military Green version and hopefully this build log will give you a better look at the features and design of the C70. Let’s start with the list of hardware I’ll be using.

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