By , on November 28, 2011

As much as it pains me to admit it, not every person wants or needs a fire breathing dragon type PC. Quite a few people in the world will never use or want discrete PCI-e graphics processing, a personalized modded case with bells and whistles, multiple drives, and all of those other goodies that constitute a high end PC. A lot of people are going "green" with their PCs and making choices that consume less power.

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By Andrew Kim, on October 18, 2011

This blog post will teach you how to correctly manipulate an EQ on an audio device so that you may achieve the sound you want without losing the original acoustic image and fidelity.

First of all, what IS an equalizer?



An equalizer is an electronic circuit that allows you to selectively amplify an audio signal based on various frequency bands. This is typically accomplished using independent volume controls for each frequenmcy band. The simplest equalizer (or EQ, as it is also known) would be a "bass" and "treble" knob on a basic stereo system. Turning up the Bass will make the lower frequencies louder, while turning up the treble will make the higher ones louder.

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By Jake Crimmins, on June 10, 2011

This past weekend I went to Intel’s LANFest InfernaLAN in DuPont, Washington. At 385 people the InfernaLAN is the largest and is the oldest LANFest event. The LAN parties are put on by a group of PC gamers that work at Intel. Over the past several years they have continued to grow larger and add more events across the United States. One of the best things about the LANFest events is, all of the proceeds are matched by Intel and donated to charity. The events have helped to raise almost $400,000 for charity.

Friday night was the first night and by 7PM more than 100 gamers were waiting in line to check in. By midnight almost all of the 385 seats were filled. One thing that I found very different about this LAN was the fact that it was very family oriented. Several parents had brought their kids along, to game right alongside of them. We gave away a several Gaming Audio Series™ HS1A gaming headsets and kits of Vengeance™ memory to members of our Facebook event.

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By , on June 8, 2012

With the Computex show right around the corner it was time to build some systems to show off some of our newly announced and released products. Among those products is our Vengeance Series C70 gaming case which comes in three colors (Military Green, Arctic White, and Gunmetal Black), I will be using the Military Green version and hopefully this build log will give you a better look at the features and design of the C70. Let’s start with the list of hardware I’ll be using.

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By , on April 13, 2011

Computer enthusiasts are more demanding than your average computer user. For those users we've recently introduced Vengeance 2000MHz DDR3 memory, available in 4GB, 6GB, and 12GB kits.

According to, an enthusiast is defined as:


  1. a person who is filled with enthusiasm for some principle, pursuit, etc.; a person of ardent zeal: a sports enthusiast.
  2. a religious visionary or fanatic.
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By Andrew Kim, on December 23, 2011

In my previous blog post, I reported my experience playing Counter-Strike, using the Corsair Vengeance® K60 Performance FPS Mechanical Gaming Keyboard. However, in order to play any game you not only need a keyboard, but a mouse as well. That said, it would make sense for me to have used a Corsair Vengeance Series M60 FPS Laser Gaming Mouse, and, as where I have reported my user experience with the K60 keyboard in my previous post, I will do the same for the M60 Laser Gaming Mouse in this blog post.


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