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  • AZEROTH / K70


Exporting a single profile

To export a single profile from your PC, in the profile drop-down in the CUE software,

  • Click the profile you want to export
  • Click the profile menu button and then click Export
  • The Export Profile dialog box appears. Browse to the location where you want to save the exported profile
  • In the Name field, type the name of the exported file and then click Save


The exported profile will be saved in the location you specified with the name [filename].prf.


Importing custom profiles

To import one or more profiles from a file, in the Profiles menu of the CUE software on your PC,

  • Click Import/Export Profiles
  • In the drop-down list, click Import
  • The Select file to import dialog box appears. Browse to the location where the profile file is stored
  • Click the file to import, and then click Open


If you attempt to import a profile with a duplicate name, a warning dialog box will appear, asking if you would like to update the profile.

  • If you click Update, the existing profile will be replaced with the profile you're importing
  • If you click Add as New, the existing profile will stay the same, and the profile you're importing will be imported and renamed with a number in parentheses



Is a login required to upload or download a CUE profile?

Yes, a login is required to upload or download CUE profiles. Please create and register a account so you can have a username applied to your profiles. In the near future, users will be able to browse for profiles specifically created by your login name.

Why did the extension change for CUE profiles?

CUE 1.X versions used .prf for profiles. However, CUE 2 will now use the extension .cueprofile to support the improved compatibility across devices and implementation of new lighting effects system to expand customization. CUE 2 users will still be able to import .prf profiles but CUE 1.X users will not be able to import .cueprofile without upgrading to the new version of the software.

Are profiles compatible from one keyboard type to another?

Yes, with the new version of CUE, all profiles are now compatible across all CORSAIR devices including different regional layouts and keyboard types (i.e. K70 RGB NA can be used on a K65 RGB UK). Some keys may not be illuminated because they were not available on the creator's keyboard. To resolve this, open the layer you want to use, hold down CTRL and select the key you want to add to the group. Click save to keep the change(s). You can also de-select keys from any layer through the same method.

What is exported in the .cueprofile?

Users who download your .cueprofile will be able to use every Action layer, Lighting Effects layer, and the Performance settings you have configured for the keyboard.

Why can't I see the new lighting from the imported profile?

Ensure you are in Advanced Settings by clicking the button next to the Settings icon (next to the device selection menu).

Do I need to own a CORSAIR RGB device to submit a profile?

No, users who download CUE 2 will be able to create their own profiles using only the 'Demo Mode!' CUE 2 is designed to allow users to try our RGB customization on a K95 RGB keyboard and the MM800 RGB POLARIS mouse pad. Whatever you create in demo mode can be uploaded and shared with the community despite not having the actual product.