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Enthusiast Series™ Modular TX550M — 80 PLUS® Bronze Certified 550 Watt High Performance Modular Power Supply

Based on the award-winning Enthusiast Series™ TX V2 line, Enthusiast Series™ Modular PSUs add a modular cabling system for improved installation flexibility. It provides a great combination of exacting performance standards and affordability. Estimated availability: September 1, 2011.

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The award-winning reliability of the Enthusiast Series. Now, with the flexibility of modular cables.


With the modular cabling system, you can connect only the cables you need.

The modular cabling system includes a complete set of flat, detachable cables that allow you to use only the ones you need. This allows you to reduce clutter for a clean-looking system with improved airflow. The attached ATX cable is fully-sleeved for superior protection. And, all cables are extra long to support full-tower PC systems.

80 PLUS® Bronze certification for smart,
efficient power delivery.

80 PLUS Bronze is your guarantee that your Enthusiast Series Modular power supply will deliver 85% efficiency or higher at 50% load. Superior efficiency is essential in a high performance power supply — it runs quieter, generates minimal excess heat, and saves you money every month.

Ready to take the heat.

Enthusiast Series Modular is designed for reliable operation in high-performance PCs where clean, stable power is important. It’s rated for full, continuous power delivery at an ambient temperature of up to 50° Celsius. The ultra-quiet, double ball-bearing fan delivers excellent airflow with exceptionally

Corsair power supplies: designed for enthusiasts, by enthusiasts.

Critical protection for your components.

Adherence to exacting performance standards for voltage regulation helps protect your high-performance gear. Exceptionally clean power output with low ripple and noise and multiple protection mechanisms gives you the confidence you need.

The ultra-quiet 140mm fan automatically adjusts its speed in response to temperature.

Built To Last

Corsair Enthusiast Series Modular power supplies are backed by a five-year warranty and are designed to be your reliable power supply of choice through multiple system upgrades.

The Corsair Advantage

With a long history of building enthusiast-grade memory and components, we’ve earned a reputation for quality, compatibility, and performance. Should you ever need help, we’re available by phone call, email, and web forum.

Adjustable Single/Multi 12V Rail
ATX Connector
ATX12V Version
Continuous output rated temperature C
Continuous power W
550 Watts
MTBF hours
100,000 hours
Multi-GPU ready
550 Watts
Five years
80 PLUS Efficiency
PSU Form Factor
Zero RPM Mode
Cable Type
C-Link Ready
EPS12V Connector
Floppy Connector
PCIe Connector
SATA Connector
Special Technology

By Jonny Guru

Posted on   October 31, 2011

Corsair TX550M scores 9/10 and wins the "Good Design" award at VR Zone

Corsair TX550M scores 9/10 and wins the "Good Design" award at VR Zone

Full Review!

By Overclockers Club

Posted on   October 24, 2011

Corsair TX550M scores 9/10 and get the "Recommended" award at Jonny Guru

"Corsair's new TX modular series gets a recommendation here today. And it is well deserved. This unit is exceptionally good for a little 550 watt unit. It runs cool, it's incredibly stable, and it keeps ripple and noise under half of the ATX specification. No, it's not the latest and greatest when it comes to the push toward higher efficiency, but let's be honest here... the difference to your wallet between Bronze and even Platinum isn't as great as you might think. You could easily do worse than this unit right here."

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By InGame

Posted on   February 21, 2012

Corsair TX550M wins the "Silver" award at Overclockers Club

"The Corsair TX550M is a decent enough offering that brings the option of modular cables to the ever-popular TX range at a competitive price. It's well made and performs well, so it's certainly capable of reliably powering a powerful gaming PC with a single high end graphics card."

Full Review!

By TechReaction

Posted on   October 26, 2011

Corsair TX550M wins the "Golden' award at Hardware Secrets

Corsair TX550M wins the "Golden' award at Hardware Secrets

Full Review!

Enthusiast Series Modular power supply with attached ATX power  cable
Modular cable pack
Accessory bag with mounting hardware, cable ties, and case badge
Installation Guide