SKU CX-9029001-WW
Hydro X Series XT Hardline 12mm Multicard Kit

The CORSAIR Hydro X Series XT Hardline Multicard Kit is pre-cut for NVIDIA SLI and PMD CrossFire X, letting you easily add multiple cards to your custom cooling system in one, two or three slot graphics card spacing.

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Easily mount multiple cards together in two, three or four slot graphics card spacing.*

*Blocks and fittings not included


Crystal-clear chamfered tubing easily and neatly links your GPU water blocks together with just one set of Hydro X Series XT Hardline 12mm Fittings.*

*Blocks and fittings not included

Product Type
2 Year
Operating Temperature
60°C coolant temperature

CORSAIR Hydro X Series products are compatible with the following coolants:

Coolant Brand Coolant Model Recommendation
CORSAIR XL5 Performance Coolant Preferred
CORSAIR XL8 Performance Coolant Preferred
Aquacomputer Double Protect Ultra Compatible
Coolaboratory Liquid Coolant Pro Compatible
EK Cryofuel Compatible
Jingway Iceland X Compatible
Koolance LIQ-702 Compatible
Liquid.Cool CFX Opaque Compatible
Mayhems IDC Compatible
Mayhems Pastel Compatible
Mayhems X1 Compatible
Mayhems XT-1 Nuke Compatible
Mayhems XT-1 Compatible
Nanoxia Cooling Fluid Pro Compatible
Nanoxia Cooling Fluid Pro Opaque Compatible
Primochill TRUE. Compatible
Thermaltake C1000 Compatible
XSPC EC6 Compatible
XSPC ECX Compatible
Alphacool Eiswasser Not compatible
Alphacool Eiswasser Pastel Not compatible
Alphacool Cape Kelvin Catcher (CKC) Not compatible
Aquatuning AT-Protect Not compatible
EK Cryofuel Solid Not compatible
EK Cryofuel Mystic Fog Not compatible
Jingway Galaxy Not compatible
Mayhems SFX Aurora Not compatible
Phobya ZuperZero Xtreme Not compatible
Primochill Liquid Utopia Not compatible
Primochill VUE Not compatible
Swiftech HydrX Not compatible
Thermaltake C1000 Opaque Not compatible
Thermaltake Coolant 1000 Not compatible
XSPC EC6 Pastel Not compatible
UFO Technologies Cryo-Chillz Not compatible
2 x 12mm tube (L 22.5mm)
2 x 12mm tube (L 42.8mm)
2 x 12mm tube (L 63.1mm)


Take out all the guesswork and create the custom cooling system of your dreams. With thousands of components and millions of hardware combinations, it’s easy to pick, tweak and personalize your custom cooling system, with a detailed render of how your future loop will look.