scimitar pro RGB
Customization Leveled Up.
High accuracy
16,000 DPI
optical sensor
Make every move count with an ultra-accurate, high-speed tracking engine that allows settings down to 1 DPI steps and fine-tuning to virtually any mouse pad.
Exclusive Key
Slider system
Adjust button positions up to 8mm and securely lock them into place with a patent-pending macro control system that keeps every key within reach for any play style.
12 pro-grade
side buttons
Engineered to professional player specs, textured side button keycaps enhance grip and feel for consistent, tactile feedback and precision control.
Play at the highest level of comfort with a contoured gaming mouse crafted to fit your palm, no matter your hand size or grip style.
On-board storage
with hardware
macro playback
Take personalized gameplay anywhere with three predefined MMO/MOBA profiles, or create your own with custom actions and lighting effects.
Immerse yourself in the game with customizable lighting across 4 zones for nearly unlimited illumination adjustability.
CUE software
Supercharge your mouse by programming custom MMO timer countdowns, double macros, DPI matrices, and more.
Scimitar Pro Black
Scimitar Pro Yellow
The CORSAIR SCIMITAR PRO has seriously leveled up! Having the best gear is important to me, and with updates for both the hardware and software, I'm ready to take on the world with my new SCIMITAR PRO.
Jackson "Bajheera" Bliton