Flash Padlock 2 16GB USB 闪存驱动器

Flash Padlock 2 16GB USB 闪存驱动器

使用 CORSAIR Flash Padlock®, 2 USB 闪存驱动器保护您的个人或商务数据。


256 位硬件加密和耐久橡胶外壳可确保机密信息的安全运输

Corsair Flash Padlock 2 专为机密和敏感信息而设计。内置的 256 位 AES 硬件加密强力保护您的文件安全,持久耐用的橡胶外壳也能提供物理防护。易于使用的集成式 PIN 键盘意味着无需安装任何软件,Padlock 可用于 Microsoft Windows、Mac OSX 甚至 Linux 系统。


  • 安全的 256 位硬件 AES 加密
  • 4-10 位用户自定义个人识别码可进行锁定和解锁
  • 5 次输入错误后,内置黑客检测功能会将设备锁定 2 分钟
  • 耐久橡胶防震外壳


发布于   2010年6月4日

Padlock2 gets reviewed by TechReport

"As far as we've seen, the Flash Padlock 2 delivers on its promises: the PIN locking and unlocking system works, the drive doesn't even register on a host system when locked, performance seems very acceptable, and the enclosure can take plenty of punishment."



发布于   2010年4月24日

Padlock 2 Recommended award from TechPowerUp

There are plenty of drives out there with 256-bit AES encryption, but very few have an active lock/unlock mechanism in form of a number pad or fingerprint reader. The latter requires active power, having to connect the stick first and then swiping your finger using a software stored on the flash drive itself. This offers various ways to attack the protection to gain access to the stored data. Corsair has gone with the unattached PIN entry with no software required to be run on the host system. This means that there is no way to bypass the system. It is a mystery to me, how Corsair manages to give the user instant access when using VBE, but if that is true, the entire flash memory is encrypted. Even if one opens up the unit and de-solders the flash storage IC and then accesses the data, all the hacker will find is encrypted data.