Flash Voyager® GTR 128GB USB Flash Drive

CORSAIR Flash Voyager®, 系列 USB 驱动器坚固、时尚、精巧且可靠,是运送 MP3、数字图像、演示稿以及更多数据的最佳选择。Flash Voyager 驱动器可以在大多数操作系统中即插即用,并且能与 USB 1.1 向后兼容。

The Corsair Flash Voyager family of USB flash drives are rugged, stylish and reliable.

With capacities from 4GB to a large 128GB, the Flash Voyager USB flash drives are well suited for even your most demanding transportable storage needs.

The Corsair Flash Voyager family is comprised of two outstanding products. The Flash Voyager GTR is designed from the ground up for speed, optimizing transfer rates of both reads and writes, while Flash Voyager provides a durable USB drive in large capacities.

The Flash Voyager and Flash Voyager GTR are enclosed in the Corsair proprietary all-rubber housing.

Boasting water-resistant properties, these drives allow users to carry more valuable data and applications without compromise. Several reviews of the Flash Voyager products have demonstrated the ruggedness, durability, and reliability of the Flash Voyager family. The Flash Voyager has been shown laundered, baked, frozen, boiled, dropped, and even run over by a SUV in many third party reviews. After all the punishment it receives, the drive continues to work.

Sequential Read Write
Up to 34MB/s sequential read — 28 MB/s sequential write
USB 2.0
Unformatted Capacity
128 GB