Enthusiast Series™ TX750 — 80 PLUS® Certified Power Supply



Corsair TX 电源采用通常只有在高性能电源中才会使用的先进技术和元器件设计制造。设计极具特色,例如一个专用 +12V 通道与最新的系统组件实现最大程度的兼容。TX 系列 PSU 所采用的能效电路能够在 20%、50% 和 100% 负载条件下提供超过 80% 的效率等级,这使得它成为那些关注价值质量比的发烧友们最理想的选择。它采用了一个直径为 140mm(TX650W 上为 120mm)的大尺寸控温风扇,该风扇虽然具有超静音效果,但是仍足以使系统的内部变凉,因此游戏玩家、超频用户或发烧友以及高端系统攒机者无需再担忧其可靠性和稳定性。

Corsair TX 系列特点:

  • 支持 ATX12V v2.2 标准和更早的 ATX12V 2.01 规范
  • 120 毫米(TX750W 和 TX850W 上为 140 毫米)超静音双滚珠轴承风扇提供出色的气流性能
  • 在 20%、50% 和 100% 负载条件下提供 80% 以上的高能效,热量更少、耗电更低
  • 99% 有功功率因数纠正,为系统提供干净、可靠的电源。
  • 通用交流电源输入 90~264V 可自动扫描并检测电压是否正确。
  • 专用单一 +12V 通道提供与最新组件的最大兼容性。
  • 电源过流/过压/过耗保护、低电压保护和短路保护,为关键系统组件提供最佳安全保护。
  • 高品质的日本电容器提供无可比拟的性能与可靠性。
  • 超长电缆支持完整塔式尺寸机箱。
  • TX750W 尺寸:5.9 英寸(宽)x 3.4 英寸(高)X 6.3 英寸(长);
  • 平均无故障时间:100,000 小时
  • NVIDIA SLI™ 就绪认证。
ATX Connector
MTBF hours
100,000 hours
750 Watts
Five years
80 PLUS Efficiency
EPS12V Connector
Floppy Connector
PCIe Connector
SATA Connector


发布于  2009年1月5日

Corsair 750TX wins Best Power Supply for Value from Bestcovery

An excellent power supply with great quality parts. A PSU is one part that no custom computer builder should ever skimp on; good, clean power is paramount towards the overall stability and lifespan of computer parts, and the Corsair CMPSU-750TX 750W does this exceptionally.



发布于  2007年12月13日 Thinks the TX750W is "Dam Good"

"Corsair seriously hit the nail on the head with this power supply; it provides high performance at a price that should have customers seriously looking at the TX750. What we have here is proof that the HX620 and HX520 were not just lucky shots in the dark and Corsair is dead serious about dominating the power supply market."


发布人Overclockers Club

发布于  2007年1月11日

Corsair TX750W Receives Gold Award from PC Perspective

"The new Corsair TX750W power supply delivers solid outputs, with excellent voltage regulation and good efficiency. Under normal operating conditions (below 500W load) the TX750W is very quiet and runs relatively cool. The TX750W comes fitted with hard-wired cables that can support dual, high-end video cards. And let's not forget active PFC, universal AC input and Corsair's 5-year warranty. Another worthy power supply from Corsair!"



发布于  2007年11月25日

TX750 PSU Wins Editor's Choice Award from Phoronix

"When testing the TX750 power supply extensively in this octal-core system with 4GB of FB-DIMM RAM and an ATI Radeon HD 2900XT, the voltages were clean and very stable and led to a trouble-free experience while running very quiet. The cables for this power supply are also long enough even for the latest SilverStone Temjin case."


发布人PC Masters

发布于  2009年3月11日 Reviews the TX750W

"When you combine a very well built, high efficiency, reliable and quiet power supply with a 5 year warranty, its win win for everyone. It's also small so not only would this be great for a server environment, but it would be well suited in a gaming HTPC."



发布于  2007年10月16日

JonnyGuru Recommends TX750W PSU

"The Corsair TX750W represents the ideal PSU for the high end gamer. There's plenty of capacity to allow for future additions to current bleeding edge systems with no need to worry about a shortfall of power. There's also enough raw power to allow for pretty much any future upgrade you might make."


发布人Tweak Town

发布于  2008年4月2日

TweakTown Reviews the TX750W

"The TX series we tested from Corsair does an exceptional job in providing plenty of quality power to your system. Rated at 750 watts of continuous draw, you will be hard pressed to maintain this level even under load, so odds are good that it will suit your needs."