Enthusiast Series™ TX750 V2 — 80 PLUS® Bronze Certified 750 Watt High Performance Power Supply

Enthusiast 系列 TX750 V2 电源可以提供 750W 清洁的、稳定的和连续的功率输出,因此当您需要在您的高端游戏设备或工作站中使用一颗价格实惠、高品质和高能效的电源时,它将是一个极好的选择。对于那些存在更高功率要求的系统,我们还提供了一个 850W(型号 TX850V2)版本。


当您攒装或者升级自己的系统时,您的电源既要能够满足您的电源要求,又要能符合您对性能和噪声拟定的严格标准。整个 Enthusiast Series TX V2 产品系列都是为实现这一点而设计的。在任何一款 TX V2 PSU 上,您都将会发现它们在价格与您所需的功能之间取得了良好的平衡:高效率、紧密的电压调节、低涟波和低噪声以及温控风扇转速。

不同于许多“以价值为导向”的电源,整个 TX V2 电源系列都是为了持续不断地提供额定功率(一直到 50°C 环境温度)而设计的。而且通过 Corsair 的 Enthusiast 系列赖以成名的紧密电压调节以及低涟波和低噪声,您也将获得清洁的功率输出。不会再出现由于污物或电力不足造成的随机电源崩溃现象!

所有的 TX V2 电源都可以提供最高达 85% 的效率,并且包含一根可以简化安装的 +12V 分配总线,同时兼容最新的 Intel 和 AMD 平台以及 NVIDIA® 和 AMD 多-GPU 配置。它们甚至符合 ErP 规范,因此您的系统可以做到在待机模式下只用 1W 的功率(与一块符合 ErP 规范的主板搭配使用时)。

Corsair Enthusiast 系列 TX750 V2 的性能:

  • 符合最新的 ATX12V v2.31 和 EPS 2.92 标准,同时向后兼容 ATX12V 2.2 和 ATX12V 2.01 标准
  • 一根专用的 +12V 分配总线提供了简单的配置以及与最新的图形卡和其他部件的最大兼容性
  • 超静音的 140mm 双滚珠轴承风扇可根据温度调节风扇转速,因而能够以非常低的噪声水平提供出色的气流性能
  • 已获得 80 PLUS® 铜牌认证,在真实负载条件下可以提供最高达 85% 的能源效率
  • 已获得 80 PLUS® 铜牌认证,在真实负载条件下可以提供最高达 85% 的能源效率
  • 有功功率因数纠正 (PFC),PF 值达 0.99
  • 通用交流电输入 90-264V
  • 过压、低压、过流以及短路保护为您的关键系统元件提供了最大的安全性
  • 高品质的日产电容器提供了不折不扣的性能和可靠性
  • 五年保修,并可终身享受 Corsair 卓越的技术支持和客户服务
  • 安全许可:cTUVus、CE、CB、FCC Class B、TÜV、CCC、C-tick
ATX Connector
MTBF hours
100,000 hours
750 Watts
Five years
80 PLUS Efficiency
EPS12V Connector
Floppy Connector
PCIe Connector
SATA Connector

发布人Overclockers Club

发布于  2011年11月5日

750TX V2 wins Silver award at Overclockers Club

"The Corsair TX750 V2 750W and TX850 V2 850W are still very good power supplies and I'm sure they will still remain popular in the PC enthusiast community but I feel the performance could of been improved further second time around. The Corsiar V2 units did perform very well and are an improvement on their predecessors so they still come highly recommended and I have no hesitation in awarding them the OCC Silver award."



发布于  2011年4月4日

JonnyGuru recommends Corsair TX750 V2

"Stop the presses - Corsair has another winning power supply on the market. The TX750 V2 is an extremely stable, well performing unit at a great price. They've done a lot right and very few things wrong. Voltage regulation was very good. Efficiency was very good. Ripple suppression was excellent. Why are you still reading this and not running out and buying one? Go... go now. "



发布于  2011年4月20日

Corsair 750TX V2 wins award at TechPowerUP!

"To sum up, at least in the current period you will not find easily an equivalent PSU with this price tag. For a user that wants to power a double VGA system and can stand non-modular PSUs the TX750 V2 represents the ideal choice, since besides the low price Corsair's name and five years warranty are backing it up."


发布人Hardware Heaven

发布于  2011年8月8日

Corsair TX750 V2 wins the "Recommended Award" at Allround PC in Germany

Publication language is German: “With the TX750 V2, Corsair offers a power supply for gamers who are looking for a relatively low-priced model without wanting to sacrifice quality. With the TX750 V2 the buyer will not miss anything, except for a cable management system, which would be useful when looking at the number of cables and connectors.


发布人Overclockers Club

发布于  2011年3月14日

Corsair 750TX V2 wins Must Have award at Kit Guru

"The TX750 V2 is another great power supply from Corsair which is a big improvement over the predecessor. Not only does the supply look fantastic with the stylish and durable matte paint, but the overall design implementation is first class. The internal components have all been carefully selected to ensure long term stability, with capacitors all rated to 105c. Our tests have highlighted that the cross loading and output regulation is stellar and the ripple results are excellent, a somewhat common trait of Corsair selected designs."


发布人Hard OCP

发布于  2011年6月15日 gives the TX750 V2 their "Safe Buy" award

Publication language is Danish: The 750 TX V2 wins the Safe Buy award from in Denmark.


发布人Hardware Heaven

发布于  2011年2月26日

Hardware Heaven gives the 750TX V2 and 850TX V2 the Gold award

"When it comes to the build quality and design of Corsair PSU's it is always very hard to find any fault and the TX V2 continues this trend. We get a lovely high quality finish on the unit and care has been taken to sleeve the wires well into the PSU where they are tied in place. Important components are all high quality and secured well inside with adhesive used where necessary and the spacious design allows for good airflow around the unit. We also noted that Corsair have taken the design to an extra level "



发布于  2011年2月5日

TX750 V2 wins an award at

Review in Spanish: Mundobip in Spain reviews the TX 750 V2 and gives it their Recommended award, thanks to a combination of excellent performance and value.


发布人Tweak Town

发布于  2011年12月4日

Corsair TX 750 V2 wins the Gold, Eco and Value awards from Technic3D

Review in German: "a well-equipped power supply with decent power reserves at a fair price".



发布于  2011年7月4日

TweakTown reviews the Corsair TX750 V2

"The performance, features, and price of the TX750V2 make it an excellent candidate for nearly any rig it can power."



发布于  2012年1月23日

Corsair TX750V2 scores 86% at TweakPC

Publication language is German: Corsair TX750V2 scores 86% at TweakPC