Professional Series&trade, HX850 — 获得 80 PLUS®, 银牌认证的模块化电源

CORSAIR Professional Series™ HX850W 拥有一个综合型模块化电缆组和 80Plus 银牌级效率,因此它在为最新的高性能、多图形卡游戏设备供电时可以提供终极性能。

Corsair Professional Series HX850W PSU 采用先进的 DC 至 DC 电路,符合 80 PLUS 银牌认证标准,可以提供高达 90% 的能源效率*,同时减少了能源浪费并降低了过多热量的产生。Corsair Professional 系列电源采用工业级电子元器件制造,确保为高端游戏 PC 和工作站提供必需的稳定、清洁、可靠的电压。

* 在室温下测试,使用 50% 负载和 230V 交流电输入。

Corsair Professional 系列电源推出一种创新的布线配置,该设计采用低剖面、扁平模块化电缆,可有效降低空气阻力,使空气尽可能多地进入电脑机箱。其模块化设计还简化了安装,因为它提供了前所未有的灵活性,让您能够只选择使用所需的电缆。

Corsair HX850W 的性能:

  • 保证在 50°C 环境温度下提供全面额定功率
  • 在真实负载条件下能效高达 90%
  • 单根 +12V 分配总线设计,提供最高达 70A 的电流
  • 多 GPU 就绪功能
  • 105°C 的固态电容器
  • 有功功率因数纠正 (PFC),PF 值达 0.99
  • 支持 ATX12V 2.3 以及 EPS12V 2.91 标准。向后兼容 ATX12V 2.01
  • 自动开关电路可提供 90V-264V 的通用交流输入
  • 电源过流/过压/过功率保护、低电压保护和短路保护,提供全面的组件安全保护功能
  • 尺寸:150 毫米(宽)x 86 毫米(高)x 180 毫米(长)
  • 平均无故障时间:10 万小时
  • 安全许可:UL、CUL、CE、CB、FCC Class B、TÜV、CCC、C-tick
ATX Connector
MTBF hours
100,000 hours
850 Watts
Seven years
80 PLUS Efficiency
EPS12V Connector
Floppy Connector
PCIe Connector
SATA Connector


发布于  2012年7月30日

Corsair HX850 Gold PSU gets a score of 4/5 and wins the "Recommended" award from

"Backed by a seven-year warranty and putting out solid numbers everywhere, we can recommend it to the enthusiast who needs smooth power to a myriad of graphics cards and storage devices."



发布于  2009年5月27日

HardOCP gives the Corsair 850HX their Editor's Choice Award

With its exceptional efficiency, absolutely amazing DC Output Quality, and very good voltage regulation the HX850W hit just about every nail square on the head.



发布于  2009年6月19日

Hardware Secrets gives the HX850W their Golden Award

Corsair HX850W is an impressive power supply, being to this date the power supply with the highest efficiency that we've ever tested, beating Seasonic M12D 750W and Antec Signature 650W.



发布于  2012年7月30日

TechPowerUp Highly Recommended the Corsair HX850 Gold and it also scores 9/10.

"To conclude, the new HX850 is an excellent unit which enjoys great support from Corsair through its seven year warranty. If you need a similar-capacity PSU and you have enough money to invest - since the purchase of a PSU is actually an investment for many reasons - then you should seriously consider it. Nevertheless, at this price range, you will find many other interesting alternatives with equally high performance (e.g., the excellent Corsair AX850 is currently sold for 10 bucks less at Newegg). In my opinion, Corsair should lower the price of the new HX850 a little bit, to make it much more competitive."


发布人PC Perspective

发布于  2012年7月30日

Corsair HX850 Gold PSU wins the "Performance" award at HardwareHeaven

"For performance the HX850 is right up there with the best mid-high end units. It provides very stable readings across all load ranges and high efficiency. Like the rest of Corsairs recent PSUs this model also remains completely silent up to 20-25% load and is also quiet right up to and beyond 75% with exhaust temperatures always at a low level."



发布于  2012年7月30日

Corsair HX850 80 Plus Gold PSU wins the "Gold" award at Vortez

"HX850 is a successful revision of an already popular series. Aesthetics have been improved, as has the efficiency. Maintaining good cable management is also very easy thanks to the modular cables. Being impressed with the overall package the HX850 attains our Gold award."



发布于  2009年6月13日

Jonny Guru recommends the HX850W

The long wait for a modular 850W unit from Corsair is at last over, and I do hereby declare that this unit was worth waiting for. Not only is this the most efficient Corsair I've ever looked at, it's also the best performing.



发布于  2009年9月18日

Bjorn 3D gives the HX85W their Golden Bear award

As mentioned before, this PSU could have been certified 80 Gold, which is the highest certification of PSU's. Instead Corsair decided to make sure that every unit would live up to the certification, and thus lowered it to Silver. Again this shows what kind of company Corsair really is, one that you can stand behind, and be sure they will stand behind their warranty 110%.



发布于  2009年6月18日

The Corsair HX850W wins Driver Heaven's Editor's Choice award

The exceptional build quality and the outstanding electrical performance are the primary selling points of the HX850W. Corsair truly built this unit like a tank, choosing one of the latest base designs and some of the most reliable components currently available. This has an impact on its electrical performance too, with the HX850W being remarkably efficient and stable.



发布于  2012年7月30日

Corsair HX850 Gold PSU gets the "Worth Buying" award at

"The HX850 Professional Series Power Supply is unquestionably another strong offering from Corsair. The custom Channel Well Technology design has no noticeable weaknesses, combining a high level of efficiency with much desired, low noise levels."



发布于  2009年12月6日

Hexus recommends the HX850W

Bottom line: a solid, well-engineered 850W PSU that's backed up by a decent warranty and priced just about right to tempt users looking to power a high-end PC.