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Air Series™ SP140 LED Blue High Static Pressure 140mm Fan Twin Pack

CORSAIR Air 系列 LED 高静压 PC 机箱风扇,集高压送风与炫目的 LED 照明于一体。比标准机箱风扇更安静,帮助您组装的系统具有炫耀的外观。

LED Color
Fan Size
Package Quantity

高静压冷却与 LED 照明融为一体。

Corsair Air 系列 LED 高静压 PC 机箱风扇,集高效的高压风量与炫目的 LED 照明于一体。经过定制设计,其可直接向高温组件送风,噪音和扰动比普通风扇更低。定制的叶片透明,采用磨砂材质,使得四只 LED 发出的灯光又添动态效果。


Air 系列 SP 风扇型号专门用于有限空间。其特别适合散热器和散热片使用,以及驱动器槽入口和邻近热源直接安装风扇所在的其他位置。如需大风量、低噪声的通用机箱通风性能,请查看我们的 AF120 和 AF140 LED 风扇。


尺寸 120mm x 25mm 140mm x 25mm
工作电压 7V - 12V 7V - 12V
12V 性能 12V 性能
风量 57.24 CFM 49.49 CFM
静压 1.46 mm/H20 1.17 mm/H20
声级 26.4 dBA 29.3 dBA
速度 1650 RPM 1440 RPM
电源使用 0.26 A 0.26 A


  • Package Contents

  • x2 Air Series SP LED High Static Pressure Fan
  • Mounting Screws
  • Warranty leaflet

Fan Warranty
Two years
Fan Size
140mm x 25mm
Bearing Type
Flow Type
Static Pressure
LED Color
Operating Voltage
7V - 12V
PWM Control
CORSAIR LINK compatibility
Fan Model
SP Series
Package Quantity
Twin Pack
1440 RPM
Sound Level
29.3 dBA
Power Draw
0.18 A
Static Pressure
1.17 mmH20
Fan Airflow
49.49 CFM

How to find your lot code

Lot codes for Corsair products can generally be found in the follow locations. For more specific information, please view the Corsair knowledge base Lot Code article for a particular product series.


     Headset: code is located on the earcup?s arm.

     Speakers: code is located on the back of the subwoofer.

Case: the code is located on the case?s back panel.

Cooling: the code is located on the radiator.

Flash: the code is located on the unit?s packaging, near UPC barcode.

Flash SSD: the code is located on the label on top of the SSD.


     Mice: the code is located on the label taped next to the USB connector.

     Keyboard: the code is located on the packaging near the UPC barcode.

Memory: the code is on the memory module?s label. PSU: The code is on the PSU?s label, next to the serial number.