CLG Reignover and Biofrost:
New Allegiances and New Rivalries

by Robert Wery

How have your experiences been with the new team since joining?

Reignover: The getting along part is pretty easy because I already knew the players before. Everyone's personalities were really easy to get close with and our performance coach is doing a really good job helping us get closer too. In game wise even before I joined the team I knew that I would be happy playing with this environment and the way that CLG plays the game. It's way less stressful than I used to have. The game is easy and natural and the games go the way that I want them to. It makes me able to focus even more and play comfortably. My teammates are less random, usually they're executing plans properly.

Biofrost: In general everyone's super open to one another and we've been having activities where we talk about our past lives and what not, stories, getting to know each other. Everyone's super open about improving or taking criticism and the environment is really good. Things have been going well.

How have your experiences been with the new team since joining?

Biofrost: At least, whenever I was on TSM, even though I'd already played for a year and a half people still see me as the rookie on the team. I was the youngest person on the team, I had the least competitive experience. But when you switch teams, like for me and CLG people don't see me like that anymore and it's definitely a step where I have to build upon my past success. If I start failing now then everyone's going to say “oh his golden years are over after he left TSM, now he's gone on this downhill spiral.” You see a lot of TSM players after they leave TSM they slowly kind of fade away, unfortunately.

What player are you looking out for most in your respective positions?

Reignover: I think usually I just watch the jungle player who I think plays the best. Not even in NA, but overall I usually watch LCK most, then LPL and EU and then NA as well. I can tell who is playing the team game, who is playing overall aggressive. So the players I'm looking at always changes, it doesn't even have to be a pro, it can be a solo queue player too. I usually just watch players who are good at certain times because it always changes.

Biofrost: I don't think we're concerned about any botlane, I think Trevor and I are in a pretty good spot. We respect every botlane, it's just that if we play to our own natural ability and don't get super nervous on stage and believe we're better than them, then we'll play better than them. Of course Zven and Mithy, they've been hyped a lot coming into TSM like “this is it. This is the iteration that TSM breaks through groups.” They say that every year, though. But they're a botlane that is definitely good. C9 has always been really solid in the botlane and a lot of people have been looking at TL with Doublelift and Olleh. I think their playstyles are a little bit different, so we'll see if they mesh.

Who do you most want to play against this split, whether it be team or individual?

Reignover: It's not like I want to beat them because I hate them I just feel more excited or more motivation, like with my past team, like Team Liquid, they have a really good roster right now. So ex teammates and my old team from last year. Also there's Clutch Gaming with Febiven, and I really playing against him, he's fun. There's Huni on Echo Fox and Fenix and Dardoch as well, especially because Dardoch is the old CLG jungler, so there's motivation there too. TSM is always really exciting to play against, but honestly I'm excited to play against every team because me being in a new team feels like everyone else is a fresh experience, it's pretty exciting.

Biofrost: Obviously TSM as the old team, and TL and C9 for the old teammates in Doublelift and Svenskeren. Those are the three teams I think are going to be at the top as well as who I want to play against.

When you're playing against an old teammate or friend, does it mean more? Whether more stressful or more relaxed?

Reignover: I don't really think about those things, I don't really care about that. I guess it's a little more comfy playing against a team that I'm friends with, I'm less nervous and a little more focused. Maybe mindset shifts to killing them, but I think for me it's good in a positive way to play against my friends.

Biofrost: Yeah, for sure. I played against Doublelift in the past, then played against Turtle, both of those times it's a lot more fun just because you're playing against someone you used to lane or play with. Against TSM specifically I know for sure if I kill them or they kill me they're going to emote spam or something. Friendly competitive spirit.

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